Show #118 New Years Resolutions + Off-Season Football

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Super Bowl, now long gap for football.
Top picks in nfl draft expected to be non-offense players.
– Maybe more 2nd year RGIII and Andrew Luck cards
Tod Mcshay has several QB’s projected to be picked in first 75 picks.
– Will Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick type QB’s emerge?
Matt Barkley, Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson, Landry Jones + others are expected to be drafted starting in the 2nd round.

Jerry Buss dies

Dennis Dixon signs with the Eagles and it gives his cards a boost.

USPS plans to end Saturday mail delivery, packages will still be delivered.
USPS raised rates on priority and other services on January 27, 2013

New Year resolutions
Chinese New Year – year of the snake

Keep things simple
11/12 Panini Prizm basketball has been on fire since release, and its one of the smallest and simplest sets made all year. Sometimes less is more, and can attract new collectors because its not an intimidating checklist.

Treat your customers better
Don’t let calling a card company be like calling the DMV or cable company. When I call my bank, I get great service and it makes me feel good about my account. For many people, just simple communication will help resolve their issue. Collectors need to demand better service because bad customer service shouldn’t happen at such small companies.

Don’t overpay
Bid early on eBay to avoid overpaying or getting in an emotional bidding war when auctions are closing. Stick to your price, the economy is still tough, cash is king. Avoid buying sets when they first come out unless its the rare cards.

More buying options at the hobby level.
Retail has pack, rack packs, blasters, hanger boxes and more through the year. Hobby only sees the product packaged one way. Create different price points at hobby shops so everyone can afford more product.

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