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I watched some of the NFL combine on Monday February 25, 2013 and noticed the NFL network running replays of Manti Te’o after each of his less than impressive workouts. Jon Bostic and Cornelius Washington stood out. Washington put up 36 bench press reps (no other LB did over 30) .

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Football – is out
2013 Panini Prestige Football – Panini’s 1st licensed product
2013 Topps Archives Football

Ryan Mallett cards perk up when Tom Brady signs a contract extension through the age of 40.

Alex Smith looks like he’s heading to Kansas City.

Set I’m looking forward to
12/13 Panini Select Basketball

Be very careful buying any redemption card or product Topps makes in 2013 unless its a single card. There are horror stories all over the web about issues not limited to this:
– Redemption cards you have been waiting for erased from system
– Almost impossible to reach anyone in customer service
– Eliminated Topps Support twitter
– Shipping orders of recently released product late
– Replacing autos with non-autos

Building up trust in the hobby

Be honest
Tell people you are new, tell them you want to earn their business. When you mess up, admit to it and figure out a way to make it up to the customer. Don’t pretend to be #1 in the business and your customers will see that you are being honest upfront.

Build up slow
I’ve seen people setup legitimate businesses, only to scale the business up too fast – which causes them to loose money and customers. With sports cards, you have to spend time packaging and shipping lots of items to make real money, so if you have no idea about the costs and more importantly the time it takes to scale up – you’ll be out of business the minuet you get more orders.

Communicate with people
Don’t just push your products all the time without ever engaging in conversations with your customers. Make friends first and you’ll have a customer for life. When someone has an issue or suggestion, let them know you care and try to follow up with them when you have a solution.

Be consistent
If you are in business, and want to grow – you need to provide a consistent shopping experience for all your customers. Communication, flow of new inventory, sales …ect should be setup so they can be done on a regular basis. Someone who is there one month and gone another won’t drive sales like you need to.

Be accessible in all places
I see some businesses that spend too much time on twitter or Facebook and ignore emails, phone calls or other forms of communication. You might prefer twitter for communication with customers, but don’t ignore email or other forms because you will turn off more customers than turn on by focusing on one medium to communicate. Post on all the forums and places you can connect with people to build up trust over a period of time.

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