Show #127 MLB Blowing Up + Topps Redemption Dump + More

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Jason kidd retired
Grant Hill retires
Spurs vs Miami NBA finals
Promoting your site
Topps Redemption Dump

Hot Players:
Matt Carpenter
Josh Donaldson
Yasiel Puig

Hope You Don’t Have Any Of These Guys On Your Fantasy Team:
Ryan Braun
Melky Cabrera
Alex Rodriguez
Nelson Cruz
Jesus Montero
Yasmani Grandal

These Sets Were Added To Our Release Date Calendar This Week:
2013 Bowman Sterling Baseball $225 – $230 a box wholesale. 12/18 Releasev
2013 Topps Update Baseball $48 a box wholesale. 10/4 Release
12/13 Panini Innovation Basketball $75 – $80 a box wholesale 8/14 Release
12/13 Panini Prime Hockey $190 a box wholesale. 8/21 Release
2013 Topps Strata Football $55 – $59 a box wholesale. 12/11 Release
12-13 Anthology Hockey $75-$79 wholesale pre-launch.
2013 Bowman Draft Jumbo – Allocated based off regular Bowman Draft order.

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Gary Carter Redemption Replacement Auto

Gary Carter Redemption Replacement Auto

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