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Murder was the case for a few NFL players these last few weeks, including one player that lead my fantasy teams to glory last year.

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NBA Moves

Garnett, Pierce and Terry go to Brooklyn for Humphries and Brooks. Celtics later hire Brad Stevens as coach after trading Doc Rivers to the Clippers.

Al Jefferson sings in Charlotte
Tyreke Evans joins Eric Gordon, Anthony Davis, Jrue Holliday, Ryan Anderson and others in New Orleans.
Dwight Howard is pulling a “LeBron Decision”

NBA Draft

Cleveland – solid group of starters right now, but slightly undersized. Anthony Bennett was a shocker pick out of UNLV. He’s a 6’8″ forward that can operate in the post, and play pick-pop type basketball. Could develop into a slightly more athletic version of Zach Randolph. They have Tristian Thompson and other players at the 4, but he does add some size to matchup against most 4’s in the NBA.

Orlando – has some young players already. Drafted Victor Oladipo a guard from Indiana. He’s an active player on the defensive end. Has improved his offensive game, but he’s not a light it up type player.

Washington – Otto Porter Jr is a forward from Georgetown. A solid scorer and can rebound. Should fit in well in Washington, as he’s already lived there. Has a decent midrange game and can flash/cut to the basket.

Charlotte – has some pieces, but they lack coaching and on-court leadership. Drafted Cody Zeller who is a center from Indiana. He has sneaky athleticism but needs to work on scoring in traffic. Should get some playing time if he can rebound all the bricks the other players on the Bobcats throw up. Brother of NBAer Tyler Zeller.

Phoenix – needs a scorer and playmaker as the team lacks a tough matchup for opposing teams.  Drafted Alex Len from Maryland – was in a boot the day before the draft, had surgery for a stress fracture in his ankle. Still kind of a project player that might not get a bunch of playing time with Gortat and Scola in the lineup.

New Orleans – Nerlens Noel – was projected to go #1 but probably wont be ready until Christmas Day. Should leave plenty of time to sign cards. Good athlete, can block shots. Ended up being traded to the Sixers, for Jrue Holliday and a 1st. Great trade for NO because they get a player that can help out now in Holliday.

Sacramento – Ben McLemore –  smooth jump shooter type, will have to fight for shots if Tyreke and Cousins are still on the team. Has the ability to score 15+ points per game if given shots.

Pistons – have some real solid front line players in Drummond and Monroe. They also have Brandon Knight who can play PG now that they drafted 6’6″ Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who is a SG from Georgia who can shoot from range. I think this was one of the best “fit” picks on a team that needed SG depth.

Minnesota – this team needs Kevin Love and Rubio to stay healthy, could be a solid team if that happens. They have solid frontline players, and probably wanted Pope who was drafted 1 pick ahead. Trey Burke from Michigan was the pick but was traded to Utah for 2 picks in the 1st round.

Portland – Needs just about everything but SG and PF drafted C.J. McCollum – talented scorer who can also defend. Had a fractured left foot pre-draft. Already friends with Lillard.

Panini Exclusive – in order to ice out competitors like Leaf who stole Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard last year, Panini signed many players to exclusive deals.

Anthony Bennett #1 Cleveland
Victor Oladipo #2 Orlando
Otto Porter Jr. #3 Washington
Cody Zeller #4 Charlotte
Alex Len #5 Phoenix
Nerlens Noel #6 New Orleans traded to Sixers
Ben Mclemore #7 Sacramento
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope #8 Detroit
Trey Burke #9 Minnesota traded to Utah
C.J. McCollum #10 Portland

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