Show #131 You’ll Thank Me Later

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9 months ago I took to twitter and ripped on Topps & nearly everyone from Topps themselves to Cardboard Connection decided to take me on.  Flash forward today I don’t regret anything I said but I bet others do.

Same thing won’t happen here, but my goal is to get those involved to realize your risking your business and more importantly your livelihood.

Phone conversation with PayPal.

Anything raffle related is a no no. Anything where you pay for a chance to win something cannot be processed by PayPal.

Anyone who has ever bought into a razz spot (especially in the last 90 days) can do a reversal and get there $$ back. At the same time, your PayPal account will be frozen.

Don’t treat your relationship with PayPal like a right. It’s a privilege, and don’t learn how hard it would be to process payments through another source the hard way.

The reaction made it easier to get my point across. Next time just ignore me.

If you can’t call PayPal and tell them about what the payments are really used for …. that’s not good, and more than likely illegal.

There’s lots of things collectors like that will have your PayPal account shut down. Just because people like it doesn’t make it good …. how about a cigarette anyone?

This is like having your mom and dad tell you not to do even though you want to.

Slander is extremely difficult to prove. And in this case I have emails and tweets admittin to what I was accusing them of doing. But if you want to waste $ on lawyer fees, please sue me, I can probably self defend myself in this case.


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