Show #136 Soul To Squeeze (Out) At Nationals – Recap

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2013 National Sports Collectors Convention

There’s 1 business below that needs to get kicked out of the food chain below. These guys don’t do anything or add value to the process of selling cards. And I have no idea why the manufactures treat these guys well & invite them to “VIP” events. I’d squeeze their dumb asses out so I’d make more $$$$

Sports Card Food Chain

1- Leagues (owners) NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL NCAA … ect
2- UPS, Fedx, USPS (who looses $)
3- Manufactures (and the printing facilities they use)
4- eBay/PayPal
5- Distributors/Wholesalers
6- The seller
7- the collector

Madison Dearborn (M&A firm who own Topps) always says “we can’t afford it” when Topps asks for things that would help the business/products.

Rich people (that own M&A firms) always tell you they don’t have money as they tip the bag boy a 5 spot for cleaning his clubs and refreshing the ice in the cart at the turn.

The guy running Topps twitter, appears to be a nice guy. Problem is that doesn’t fill redemptions faster or solve the lack of leadership there.

Funny (but serious) thread about a collector in Canada who is willing to buy redemption cards from Topps

Listener Questions
Kid collectors go extinct?
Autographs in person & TTM

Wacky outside the box (breaking) business idea.

Start a “box break” payment processor.
Offer lower fees than PayPal, cash back? Rewards? Starting a payment processor is actually not that hard. If you want to be big like Visa or PayPal …. that’s hard, if not impossible. However, starting a niche payment processor is not anything new. Imagine getting a small % of every group break purchase run through your “group breaker e-wallet” – that’s a scalable 1 man operation (unlike group breaking).

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