Show #116 Buy – Sell – Hold NFL QB’s + Pop Up Retail

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On today’s show we talk about some less traditional strategies to setting up a retail spot – given all the empty commercial real estate I see around. We also rundown 10 Quarterbacks in the NFL … Buy-Sell-Hold style.

Alex Smith – Buy (to resell)

It looks the the 49ers are going to run with Colin Kaepernick at QB for the foreseeable future in San Francisco. His mobility and arm strength are a positive – but Alex Smith was doing a decent job before he got hurt. The 49ers have a really good chance at making the playoffs, and Kaepernick’s style might give Alex Smith a shot again late in the season. If that doesn’t happen, he’s a candidate to move to a new team with the 49ers looking to move in a new direction. Both those situations make this a good Buy candidate because his downside is reduced not being a starter right now.

Michael Vick – Hold

It looks like Vick’s days with the Eagles could be numbered. He has not been able to stay healthy recently, and its lowered his once rejuvenated card prices. Vick will certainly get a shot on another team if the Eagle decide to deal/cut him in the off season – but will that be enough to make him a buy? I say no. The time to buy Vick was when he was in prison. If you missed that opportunity, only buying to hold for your PC is what I would do.

Jay Cutler – Sell

Jay’s a solid QB and his team is 8-5. However, Cutler either comes across on TV as a jerk, or he is one – so that really hurts his collectibility. I think most QB’s if they were 8-5 on the Chicago Bears would be more loved, but Cuter is not. I’d probably have a sell on almost any Bears QB at the moment though. They will potentially have to go through teams like Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Green Bay and the NY Giants in order to make the Super Bowl this season, and I don’t see that happening.

Aaron Rodgers – Buy

State Farm basically stole this guys touchdown dance (which I think Rodgers said he got from the WWE) – but it has turned Rodgers into an even more household name. Fans that weren’t alive, or don’t remember Brett Favre in Green Bay – might not realize that Rodgers popularity probably has room to grow. If he can win another Super Bowl soon, I expect his key cards to move even higher.

Tim Tebow – Hold

Tim basically had a year off after he took a team to the playoffs. Now is not the time to unload on your Tebow cards because he could rise from the ashes at any moment and it would possibly re-start Tebowmania all over again. The possibility of that happening (plus having Florida Gator Nation always buying) means you never sell Tebow cards unles he is on fire! Right now, he’s been iced by the Jets – so you put his cards on ice and wait, he is still young.

Matt Schaub – Sell

The Texans got beat down on Monday night by the Patriots and it appears that there are enough holes in the Texans defense that teams will beat them in the playoffs. Schaub is a solid QB, but I don’t see him being able to take this team to the Super Bowl in the AFC. Long term, I see Texans fans getting tired of not winning with Schaub so any poor play will send his stock sliding quickly.

Tom Brady – Buy

It appears Brady is on track to be considered one of the greatest QB’s of all time. Similar to what Peyton Manning is doing in Denver, I think Tom Brady could be successful on just about any NFL team. When healthy, he always has the Patriots in the Super Bowl contention. Very few QB’s in the game have done that as consistently as Brady has. Like Aaron Rodgers, barring any “Tiger Woods/Kobe Bryant/OJ Simpson” slip-ups … his cards are a pretty safe bet to buy and hold.

Drew Brees – Buy

It looks like the NFL might have goofed and punished the Saints a little harder than they should have in regards to “Saints Bounty Gate”. That in mind, the Siants might have had a much better season this year, and Drew Brees be having a better season. For some reason I expect the Saints to get back on track in 2013 and that might make a short dip in Brees prices a buying opportunity. If he could bounce back next year, fans will once again put him in the ‘elite QB’ ranks with Brady and Rodgers. 

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