Show #135 It’s All For Sale At The National – Day 2

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It’s All for sale at the 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention! Everything from Baseball Cards to Baseball Card Companies!

Doesn’t make me feel too great about buying cards – when all 3 manufactures would LOVE to sell their company (probably for not much more than 1x earnings, considering you can go to the open market and buy REAL companies for less than 5x’s earnings).

Makes you really feel real happy about collecting cards doesn’t it when Topps, Panini and Upper Deck are for sale (buyers = crickets). Makes me want to run out and buy a case! Just like I love buying from restaurants that are trying to sell too – food & service area always top-notch …. lol. In other words – BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK – until some dumb-ass ‘investor’ thinks it’s a good idea to buy a baseball card company.

We talk again with Ryan @SportsCardNews about Day #2 at the National Sports Collectors Convention.


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