Show #155 Interview With @PastimeDialogue @MartynH85

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On today’s show we bring on longtime listener and friend of mine @MartynH85 – from the @PastimeDialogues

Early on in the interview we talk about the 2014 World Cup matches. We also discuss group breaking, razz (illegal raffles) and buying cards when you are overseas. Finally, we talk about some of the 2014 Topps Baseball products that have been released. Martyn is starting his own podcast next week – you will find episodes posted on his website.

During my opening 5 min rant – I talk about a seller who is drop-shipping un-opened boxes direct from a distributor after illegally raffling them off. Panini, Topps and these idiot distributors don’t seem to care who ends up selling the product. I also find it curious other sellers don’t get more upset when these see stuff like this go on. People in this hobby are just happy with the small piece of pie they have managed to carve out for themselves – no one is willing to take pride in the product. Most sellers are simply happy to make a sale that they aren’t worried about the ones others manage to get.

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