Show #162 2014 NSCC Recap + NFLPA Fallout + More

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NSCC Show recap.
– Looked like a great event, but more than likely attendance was flat to down over recent years.
– A few breakers in the Pavilion did well, but they were doing “well” before the National.
– Several breakers looked like they were struggling to fill spots.
– “Main Stage” was off to the side, which made it more of a “take a load off your feet” area than a place to congregate & be entertained.
– Topps booth size was considerably smaller than Panini, Leaf, Upper Deck and many others.

– How a licensed deal works.

Is $200m for 10 years a lot of money?
2012 Football = Topps & Panini combined for $22m
2013 Football = Topps & Panini combined for $25m
Panini just locked the next 10 years in at $20m

NFLP (logos) will now be in drivers seat on those negotiations – but Panini should have no real issues securing (renewing) a license.

Panini will have to capture some of Topps business.
Panini will likely need to create & establish demands for more sets.

Or just hope soccer stickers keep selling.

Will nostalgic sets like Archives still be popular in many years. Will kids of today want 2010 Topps in 20 years.


– Get rich slowly
– Invest/save money each month
– Read everything with grain of salt
– Listen to conference calls
– Learn to read balance sheets & cash flow statements
– Yahoo Finance / Seeking Alpha

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