Show #168 Flaws In Flawless? Panini News & Business … Again

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 On today’s show we discuss mostly news from Panini, but mix in some other items along the way. There’s 2 Blowout Forum threads I discuss this week. One is about how there’s likely some patch cards in Panini Flawless football that aren’t what they are advertised as. Second is a thread about the business end of cards and I give you my thoughts on both. Panini is releasing a Donruss Baseball factory set, and find out what inside is making collectors upset. Panini signed a deal the Texas University and COMC black Friday sales have started.

For more information on the 2014 Panini Flawless cards that contain “mislabeled” or “fake” jersey patches please view these threads:

Where’s this RW flawless patch from on the jersey? 

Panini America CEO Addresses Jersey-Card Labeling Errors in 2014 Flawless Football


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