Show #183 Group Breaking Industry Audit & Suggestions

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Advice to new breakers: Start small. New breakers need customers, not profits, so do everything you can to bring in potential customers. Treat each new customer like gold. I would look to make money 6-12 months down the line, or after my first ‘season’ of breaking..

Pick a sport/niche to specialize in at first probably too. Expand after building up a following in that area. Become known for something.

Learn how to setup/manage websites. Probably should be #1. If you fail at group breaking, you’ll have acquired a skill in high demand.

Think outside the box. Maybe breaking the cards isn’t the best way to make money. Maybe posting specific breaking info, tools, information is a better way to make money with less competition. Maybe setting up/managing the competitions websites is a good business model too.

Save money/have a bankroll. There’s slow seasons in trading cards. You’ll likely make some mistakes that cost you some money.

The backend/sorting shipping is an entire area that would be useful getting tips from a current breaker. I’d make friends with at least a few and see what other tips you can pick up. Thanks for the question, I’ll be able to use these notes for my next podcast where I’ll discuss some of this more in depth. Good luck.

Group breaking landscape looked fairly bleak.

Price point generally too high

No reinvestment

Private groups

Websites needed:

Clear instructions when/how break happens
About Me, phone numbers, support chat …. Ect


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