Show #199 90’s Era Baseball Card Boom? + COMC Update + NFL Prospects + More

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We cover multiple topics in this ‘comeback’ edition of the Sports Card Show podcast.

  • We discuss what areas of the baseball card market that are booming.
    Here is a link to the Blowout Forum thread I reference on the show.
  • Could baseball cards booming include 1990’s ‘junk wax’ era cards as well?
  • I give you an update on my $100 COMC account and what I did to generate $70+ in sales last month.
  • I give 3 specific NFL 2 year players that I like – one I will be buying cards of soon.

We briefly discuss the NFL combine. Finally we close out with some business idea around estate sales & garage sale finds. Lastly our Make America Great segment talks about how I’m willing to pay more for my fruit/veggies if it meant higher wages.

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