Show #208 High End Player Worn + Leaf Goofs Again + COMC + ECON101

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On today’s show we discuss a few topics as we approach the holiday gift giving season. First we discuss the Player Worn vrs Game Worn. While this is a discussion we’ve had before, “high end” expensive products are seeing far more player worn material cards than ever before. Is this a good direction for the hobby to go down? How does this impact new collectors? What can the card companies do to explain this better to new collectors?

Next we discuss Brian Gray from Leaf Trading Card’s appearance on Beckett Radio. Gray said some things that contradict his claim that he can authenticate an athlete’s signature from a distant photo on eBay. Gray’s request to appear on the Sports Card Show Podcast was ignored, and he’s actually fortunate we did so – because we would have pressed him on his ridiculous statements, unlike the other podcast hosts that come & go in this hobby.

Next we talk about COMC and some of the small changes they’ve made. We discuss how there appears to be no slowdown in site traffic/sales – which we said wouldn’t slow down after some minor fee increases. We are anticipating more robust fee changes sometime in 2018 and I speculate how you can take advantage of those changes.

Our Make America Great Again segment is really an ECON101 lesson. It’s painfully obvious the vast majority of the country has very little idea about Economics, which is more of a stain on the educational system – which will teach you finger painting & basket weaving – before how to actually analyze the economy. I talk about some of the myths about the economy and who you should listen to if you want advice. Being financially stable is a goal of almost anyone I meet – unfortunately most of you don’t listen to the right sources on how to achieve this, which is why you won’t be successful unless you change your mindset – or get help.

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