Show #22 National Treasures + Topps Mayo FB Preview + Emmitt Smith

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Some Big Time Football Products Come Out Next Week (Hopefully) and we will preview them both!
Maybe two of the hottest sets all year and they both happen to drop in the last week in January.

2008 Playoff National Treasures Football Box 1/28/2009 $380-$400 Per Box
1 Pack – 7 Cards Per Pack –
On Card Jumbo Patch Prime Autograph Rookies:
Including: Matt Ryan, Chris Johnson, Joe Flacco, Darren McFadden, Steve Slaton + More!
Hall Of Fame Players: Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Joe Montana + More!

1/1’s – Nickname Autographs – Laundry Tags – Patches – NFL Shield Patches – Brand Logo’s –

Getcha wallet out!!! 

Check Out Our Checklist – History – Review of This Set Here



2008 Topps Mayo Football Preview 1/27/2009 $115.00 Per Box
24 Packs – 8 Cards Per Pack – (6 Regular Cards – 2 Mini’s)

Pays tribute to the first Football cards made available to the general public in the late 1800-1900’s Originally featured the era’s top Ivy League Football Players…Now these 100+ Year old designs will honor today’s heroes.

Cut Signatures from the early 1900’s!! Original Mayo Cards (Whoa!)  ALL ON CARD AUTOGRAPHS

We also announce this months contest winner!!

Plus we discuss Emmitt Smith Memorabilia Prices

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