Show #221 More @Garyvee + Zion + Side Hustle vs Income

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On today’s show we discuss a blog Garyvee posed to his website.

We discuss the NBA Draft Lottery, that has Zion going to a team he won’t likely have the opportunity to “go off” like Luka Doncic & other rookies have done.

Nearly 100 more “trimmed slabs” have been uncovered since the last show … stay tuned, more to come.

I give you an Amazon update, what I have sold over the last 3 months – while NOT working on making sales. The numbers might surprise you.

Finally, we want to make 2019 your best year ever. Just be sure to recognize the difference between a side hustle and a primary income source. Knowing the difference between the two can setup 2020, 2021 & beyond for you financially.

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