Show #28 The 3 P’s of Selling + Product News

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Fantasy Baseball Here is the top 3 in the current Fantasy Baseball Standings

    1. cubsfan129
    2. Sports Card Radio
    3. The Watchmen

News If you are not yet a member of the website, go online to sign-up and send us an email at sportscardshow@gmail.com to get your account activated.  Topps has filed a lawsuit against UD saying that they stole one of their vintage designs.  Topps says they want all the cards destroyed.  If the cards are destroyed, the ones that were already sold should see a huge raise in price.

Hot/Cold List Here is a look at whose hot and who’s cold and their card prices on eBay via links below.

Hot Derrick Rose – has played well in the playoffs

    Ian Kinsler – is hitting .326 with 7 HRs and 20 RBIs

Cold Kevin Garnett – out for the rest of the playoffs with an injury

Prospects If you want to see a team stacked with prospects look at the San Jose Giants.  They have Madison Bumgarner, Angel Villalona, and Buster Posey, all three look like they will have great careers.

Product News Here is a look at some products coming out

Topps Finest Baseball

    $95-100 a box

    Two numbered rookies

    One rookie redemption card

SAGE Football

9 autos per box

27 packs per box

5 cards per pack

Topps Signature Basketball

    $120 a box

    8 packs per box

    4 cards per pack

    Each pack has one autograph

    One Group A Autograph

3 P’s of Selling Here is the 3 P’s of selling cards

Potential Look at the player’s team, position, sport, and teammates, because these are big

factors in his career.

Percentage Look at how much the card rises through time.  You want to know because this will   help you know when to sell the card.

    Popularity Look at the player’s team and how popular he is to the fans.  This will cause their cards to be more in demand.

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