Show #30 Buy – Sell – Hold – Football + More

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Show #30 Buy – Sell – Hold – Football + More 

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News Keep an eye on Stephen Strasburg, a pitcher with San Diego State.  He just threw a no-hitter against Air Force and he has been lights out lately.  Collector’s Universe, or PSA, reported that they lost $4.8 million of their $20 million.  We need to keep an eye on them to see what happens. 

Product Review We brought up the products in last show; just make sure to keep an eye on Bowman Baseball and Bowman Chrome Baseball.  In football, Playoff Prestige will be coming out.  Lastly, if you want to spend big UD Black Basketball is a great product to buy.  Prices for this should be dropping as the end of the NBA season is coming. 

Hot/Cold List Here’s a list of whose hot and who’s cold. 

      Hot Zack Greinke – has had an amazing start this season

            Aaron Brooks – did great in the playoffs, should do great next year

            Dwight Howard – has stayed great in the playoffs

            Kobe Bryant – has stayed hot throughout the whole playoffs

            Ryan Zimmerman – just got off a 30 game hitting streak 

      Cold Yao Ming – has stayed injured

            Tracy McGrady – has remained injured as well 

Buy – Sell – Hold Football  

      Buy Ben Roethlisberger – great fan base and great player, $50-$60 autographs

            LaDainian Tomlinson – HIGH RISK, his autographs are sub-$40, depends on his play

            JaMarcus Russell – another HIGH RISK, $40-$60 autographs, great fan base 

      Sell Mark Sanchez – his prices are high now, Jets fans are buying now, might buy later

            Kurt Warner – his career has been great, his prices will be dropping soon 

      Hold Peyton Manning – $60-$70 autographs, might not sell till it reaches $100

            Andre Johnson – $45-$55 autographs, should hold because he can still improve 

Athlete with #30 Here is a look at current prices for Magglio Ordonez 

      Magglio Ordonez He is a career .311 hitter, with 1800 hits, 270 home runs, and has 1100 RBIs.   

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