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So much jammed into this show – that the title can’t even fit everything that we have going on. We bring you another interview with a Sports Trading Card Podcaster, and we discuss three new product releases this week. Chris from The Football Card Collector Podcast joins us to discuss some of the things you can expect from his program and a little about his collection. We discuss upcoming 2010 Football Card Releases along with some of the rookies that might make an impact this season. Be sure to join Chris in his box breaks along with the fellow listeners.

2010 Bowman Baseball is as hot as I can remember a Bowman set ever being. It all revolves around 3 players autographs – Stephen Strasburg, Jason Heyward and Starlin Castro. Be careful to not get wrapped up in the hype as this product can become expensive if you are opening it by the box. By the end of the season, this product may not look quite as nice as it does not – or it could look better if the prospects and rookies play well. Tough call – but be careful not to overspend here early.

09/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Not exactly everyone’s favorite product, but it is a good attempt at a ‘new’ product from Donruss/Panini to establish itself in the basketball card market for next season. I’ve got to say – some of these single cards will be worth checking out if you are a bball fan. More deep checklists and interesting inserts to chase after – and Panini could have a winner here in the long run.

2010 Playoff Prestige Football Not sure if its even called Playoff Prestige anymore – but same difference. Collectors will again complain here that this set looks an awful lot like many other mid-low priced Panini Products. You can tell not a bunch of time was spent on this set, but these early big-print run sets tend to get pumped out quick because the company wants to get the product out as fast as it can. We’ll see if collectors look past all that and scoop up Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford no matter what a card looks like…my guess is that they will.


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