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Its that time of year where you wish your Visa Card had an unlimited amount of money available – or you have awesome friends and family to buy you gifts for the holidays —- because there are tons of great cards on the market and coming onto the market during the end of 2010.

Product Previews:

2010 Just Minors Jersey Baseball This set is pretty cool – and not all that expensive if you are willing to take a gamble on an unopened box. You get 1 autographed Full Jersey per box/pack. There are Game Used Jerseys inserted 1:120 Boxes (some auto’d some not). This set takes you away from traditional cardboard, and gives you an entire signed jersey of some recognizable MLB players and prospects. These jerseys sell on the secondary market as well if you don’t want to gamble on a box purchase.

2010/11 Score Hockey Still not enough information on this set to run to the store and buy it … but we will find out this week. Its cheap ($0.99 Per Pack) and rookies fall 1:2 Packs. There are autographs 1:20 Hobby Boxes – so they are rare, but the Anniversary Buy-Back Cards will probably sell well if you pull one. You will also find the top 2010/11 NHL Rookies and redemption cards for future rookies.

2010 Panini Crown Royale Football This might be the best Panini Football product to date in 2010 … we’ll see when it comes out November 3rd. People are loving the design and look of the Rookie Die Cuts … myself included. I’ll probably wait until the set cools off – and possibly wait until even more premium 2010 football sets like Topps Five Star and Topps Supreme – to pick up a Jermaine Gresham and Jordan Shipley being a Bengals fan.

I make a call on this show – if Stephen Strasburg 2010 Topps Update Peak Performance Autographs are still selling in the $140 – $150 range 6 months from now … I’ll buy a $150 box for a Free Box break on Sports Card Radio.

We have our first (I think) Buy – Sell – Hold listener style.

Buster Posey
Tim Tebow
Stephen Strasburg
John Wall

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