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Lots of great information in this podcast! We talk about our recent box breaks and the types of cards you can expect from those sets:

2010 Panini Certified Football Very cool set that we were lucky to pull an Emmitt Smith Jersey Card from and Colt McCoy Prime Materials, who was playing well for the Cleveland Browns at QB before getting hurt. Check out the video, pictures & winners: 2010 Panini Certified Football Box Break.

2010/11 Panini Rookies & Stars Basketball We love basketball cards at Sports Card Radio, so its always fun to check out the newst cards from Panini. We got 2 Autograph Cards + 2 Jersey Cards, with one of the autos being Chris Bosh in his new Miami Heat uniform. You’ll find all the top 10/11 NBA Draft Picks in this set including John Wall.

2010 Topps Sterling Baseball Can’t say I know much about this set, other than its expensive! The interesting thing is the base set is 150 cards, but some players that have played for multiple teams like Nolan Ryan, Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez – will have mulitiple base cards for each team they have played for (in most cases). There are player theme packs within each box as well as a regular pack.

2010 Press Pass 5 Star Racing The super premium set – and only a select number of elite drivers make it into the set. The base cards are serial numbered to just 35. Each sealed wooden box actually contains 2 packs – one with a book card – one with the base card + other firesuit/autograph cards.

I talked about Wesley (Wes) Matthews on a previous show when he got a few starts over the injured Brandon Roy. He now starts for the TrailBlazers – and looks to be a quality player. He has some rookie cards from last season that have been going up due to his quality play: 2009/10 Wes Matthews RC Rookie Card Checklist Amar’e Stoudemire and Paul Millsap have been playing well too early in the season.

We talk about Certificates of Authenticity or COA for buying autographs. I would say that the majority of these are fake authentication – and you should only purchase autographs authenticated by TriStar, Upper Deck and PSA/DNA. There are others, but these are the most trusted in the business at the current time. I personally would not spend money on an autograph unless it was from one of those companies.

Be sure to check out our Exclusive 2010 Panini Gridiron Gear Hidden Gems Autograph Photos.

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