Show #69 10/11 Limited Hockey + 2010 Bowman Draft Baseball + Most Watched Cards

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On this episode of the Sports Card Show Podcast we mix in some product news and our coin toss segment – this time with a Fan Forum Member submission to play on air! There were lots of products that came out over the last few weeks … too many to talk about on the show. So we take 2 products that have come out recently that people seem to like.

2010 Bowman Draft Pick and Prospects Baseball This product came out in mid-December and has many prospect and rookie autograph cards. You’ll even find AFLAC Bryce Harper Autographs inserted – those sell for $500+ at the moment. There are lots of young talented players in this set – and we will find out more about them over the coming months. Boxes were PreSale around $79.99 but have gone down a little since release.

2010/11 Panini Limited Hockey This set contains all serial numbered cards – and you’ll also find many of the top 10-11 Hockey Prospects autographs. Maybe the coolest jersey card set of the year so far for hockey are the Manufactured Marks #1/1, which contain jumbo Reebok logos (and possibly others). This set came out right before Christmas on December 22 – and has been selling fairly well on the secondary market.

1956 Topps Baseball We go back in time to 1956 Topps Baseball. This set is known for the two different card stocks Grey & White … each have short prints depending on the card number. The Checklist cards from this set have no numbers on them, and are tough to find in good condition. This set has 340 (+2 Checklists) cards, which was more than most of the sets Topps had come out with in the last few season. Bowman was its own company making cards before this season when Topps bought the company in 1955.

Top 10 Most Watch Sports Cards in 2010 This is a cool list where you can go back and see some of the most popular sales online over the past season. Stephen Strasburg cards set records both in terms of number of watchers and how much people paid for his cards early on in the 2010 baseball season. People still pay top dollar for his cards, but not nearly as much before he was injured.

The Coin Toss

This week we have a Fan Forum Member send in his response!! Plus I read all the reactions from our Fan Forum Members to these questions:

This years football overall: Topps vrs Panini

Shopping online for gifts vrs Going to mall/stores to buy gifts

1 great gift vrs several good gifts

Check Beckett For Card Values vrs Checking eBay/Online for value

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