Show #71 UFC Knockout – Plates & Patches – Buying/Selling Challenge

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We take a look back on a couple of sets that have been released in the last few weeks including 2010 Topps UFC Knockout and 2010 Panini Plates & Patches Football. There were some sparkling surprises in 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball and I’m sure there will be some more over the next few weeks as packs/boxes are being busted.

Panini made an Official Response to the 2010 Certified Mirror Black Sam Bradford (among other nice cards) and that can be found here. Recently Panini has posted short videos of soon to be released sets being packed out to ease box busters/sellers fears of this happening again. While the official statement doesn’t say anything about trying to avoid this situation in the future – the backlash within the community should be enough to get Panini to try and avoid a situation like this happening again.

On the last podcast I talked about buying some cards on eBay for the first time in a long time – and my brother decided to get involved and we are now making a challenge. Basically each of us is investing $20 a month in cards and the person with the highest total cash & card value wins it all. I ended up selling the Wesley Matthews 09/10 Timeless Treasures Auto RC I bought (Listed it on eBay the day I got it) and made $1.81 selling it. Talk about a quick turnaround! My brother has made some sales already too – and its pretty amazing that in less that 2 months, I’m up almost 5% and I have almost 50% of my investment in cash (as of Feb. 15 2011). Track our progress throughout the year and see which one of us comes out on top: Sports Card Radio – Sports Card Report Trading Card Challenge

I did end up buying some cards I’ve seen sell online for fairly cheap prices. I guess you could call these my PC or Personal Collection – although I would never hesitate to sell them for a good price. I ended up getting 4 PSA graded LA Lakers Cards from the same seller (to save on shipping) The best cards I got were these 2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1981 Topps Cards.

1981 Topps PSA8 PSA 9 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar #20

2010 Panini Plates & Patches Football – A set like this is an interesting sell for Panini. With Contenders and National Treasures (plus Topps 5 Star Football) on the release date calendar for 2010 Football, its probably tough for everyone to get on board with a high end product this late in the season … actually football is over. Plus you have the anticipation of 2011 NFL Rookies and on top of that there may be no NFL season in 2011. All that aside, the product looks really nice and it’s probably something that would have sold better in the beginning on the season – or earlier in the NFL Calendar, because it does deliver some nice hits. I’d stay away from boxes on this one – and wait for the even more premium 2010 NFL sets to come (Upper Deck even has Exquisite planned) … so unless you have hundreds of dollars to spend, I’d say this is a product you can just find singles of.

2010 Topps UFC Knockout – Talk about getting knocked out when I looked at prices for autographs in this set. Don’t get me wrong, I already knew top fighters sold for a ton of money (often more than Brett Favre, Derek Jeter and many ‘famous’ athletes sell for) … but this set is really popping if you pull a low number auto of a top fighter. GSP, BJ Penn, Quinton Jackson, Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva low number autograph and relic cards sell for huge money. There are lots of other fighters as well. Even the ring girls Arianny Celeste and Brittany Palmer auto/relics sell for huge money … which makes you wonder why NFL/NBA don’t have more Cheerleader cards. But anyway, this set is pretty loaded – but don’t expect to win the lotto on every pack or box – the high end stuff sells for huge money, but there are plenty of ‘duds’ and its possible people don’t pay these prices for long.

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