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News This Week:
Need a job in the Sports Card Industry? It is possible! Check Out My Cards recently added people to its staff to meet the demand of Vouchers that can be redeemed for essentially 8 Week 500 Card lots @$0.15 processing per card.

Upper Deck also recently announced that they had moved it customer service division to Morrisville North Carolina – and they need staff members. Essentially they moved the operations from Carlsbad, CA to move reps closer to their processing/printing facilities in Morrisville. Now reps will get cards back from athletes, and other redemption related material faster than before as these items were packaged and shipped to California before customers were notified.

Last episode we talked about the Topps Gypsy Queen boxes that were missing autograph hits. Well, according to Topps Twitter feed, they have began shipping these out and you should receive your cards shortly.

The 2011 NFL RC Premiere featured most of the top NFL players, and it gave a chance for Topps & Panini to get autographs and photos of all the guys. There were some interesting photos, including one of Mark Ingram (RB #22 for the New Orleans Saints) fulfilling his ‘event worn’ requirement by wearing 17 Saints jerseys … which were strangely numbered #80. It left some to speculate that he was actually wearing Jimmy Graham who is #80 for New Orleans, and ‘Graham’ is very close to ‘Ingram’… not sure on this one but its interesting.

I went to the TriStar Card Show in San Francisco – it was really cool to go back again after going last year. I ended up getting some boxes to break for free contests on our Fan Forum. We didn’t get anything that great in the boxes, but it was fun opening them up. I did score a Taj Gibson jersey RC card, along with an on-card autograph of Brandon Roy #/57 – and some other young basketball players. I also picked up 3 ‘old’ Beckett Books for $10 each, baseball – football – basketball, because it’s fun looking back through all the sets I used to collect when I was a kid. It was a really fun day, and if you are in the area – Goat Hill Pizza is pretty good, I had the Pizza … but if I were to go back I saw the Lasagna come out, and it looked amazing.

2011 Bowman Baseball is out … haven’t seen the Bryce Harper Superfractor online or anywhere for that matter – so that could be the reason box prices are nearly $40 higher than pre-sale prices. There have been a few Superfractors that have made their way onto the secondary market including Paul Goldschmidt who has a cool BIN at $13,999.00!! We opened 3 blaster boxes and I plan on sending them to COMC – pulled a Bryce Harper Bowman (not chrome) and sold it for $10.50 online.

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