Show #77 Tracy Hackler From Panini America Interview

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Mr. Hackler has worked in the hobby for many years now, and we talk about lots of hobby topics on today’s podcast. We had some lengthy discussions on the challenges of selling cards overseas & in markets outside the US. We didn’t go into all the details on the show, but exchange rates and trade agreements between countries still stand in the way of the hobby truly turning ‘global’. I tossed out the ‘idea’ of using real tickets for a set like Contenders, and we discuss how that could be challenging to acquire the tickets needed to make that a feasible set.

Basically, it’s a great half hour of sports card talk with someone that has worked for Beckett Media, Donruss and Panini. We will have some followup questions I’ll get via e-mail, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on those. I could write more here about the interview – but I don’t want to spoil it … you should listen!

At the tail end of the show, I give some more ‘investment’ tips and advice … for whatever that is worth! But honestly, take a look at the market in the next couple of weeks/days and I think you’ll find some investment opportunities that fit your budget and risk level.

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