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Its July 4th and we are celebrating amongst fireworks and BBQ to bring you this weeks Sports Trading Card information.

We talk about 2011 Score Football coming out (kind of early) as it was scheduled to come out July 6th. I’m waiting to open a box we got from Panini, and I also purchased a box for a $1/Team box break. However, when I was going through the checklist I noticed that there seems to be a lack of serial numbered cards – which kind of bums me out. I liked last years product because it seemed like you got some good low # inserts out of a $0.99 pack. This year is the same, however the parallel cards are not numbered and we are kind of left guessing on how ‘rare’ they are (which really isn’t all that bad). You will also find photo variation SP rookies, and there seems to be an extensive checklist of autograph cards – many of which have yet to surface on the secondary market.

2011 Goodwin Champions is an interesting set that has everything from Horses Hair to Tiger Woods. Other big hits include Michael Jordan, LeBron James and other autographs. There are some interesting cards featuring artwork of US Presidents, along with the artists signature on the back of the card. These kind of “anything goes” type sets are pretty neat in my opinion, just as long as the companies keep them confined to sets like Goodwin Champions, Allen & Ginter & Americana.

Its been 6 months and I’ve sent 1,000 cards to Check Out My Cards and have bought/sold the entire time for my challenge. Lots of people talk about ‘site exclusive’ card … or in other-words, having the only one on the site. I feel this is an effective strategy, but there are others I see being used.

Low/Hi Spread can be used for buying or selling. For example, a few weeks ago I purchased 2 2010 Topps Finest Jermaine Gresham Auto/Patch RC Cards for $5.00 each on the site. Well, my plan was to keep them – but the next lowest price for one on the site was over $12.00 (and the jersey patch wasn’t even as nice). So I decided to re-list them and I sold both within 1 day ($5.45 & $6.50) so I made out with $1.95 profit.  These were easy sells, that I could have gotten more out of, but when your card is priced so much lower than all the other cards – its a pretty easy sell, and you should look for this when you are buying/selling on the site.

Also, my last tip will be to check the ‘Ads’ by sellers – many sometimes snap accept 50% … and you can get some great deals when a seller is running this offer. I have picked up a handful of cards this way and turned around and sold them the next day or shortly after (Gerald Henderson Elite Auto is one example). Sometimes people need cash money more than they need cards – and their loss is your gain.

This and lots more is discussed!!

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