Show #82 Stay Fresh Collection Ideas + 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball

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Sometimes when your collection is getting boring, or stale – I think you need to take a step back and try a new strategy to put some gas in your stalled out collection. Below are some tips for you to consider:

Limit Your Budget You’d be surprised to know how fun it is to actually limit what you spend on cards each month. With a set spending budget – you really have to research and buy the cards you truly want … therefore giving your collection more focus in the long term. Try setting your budget low for 3 – 6 months to start off, and increase it overtime as you hone in on what you truly want to collect.

Buy ‘Lots’ on eBay or from collectors on Craigslist & Forums. Sometimes you see sellers moving 100+ different Autograph/Game Used cards for around $1 a card. When you get these large quantities – you can have plenty of fun sorting through them & seeing if any of them can be traded or re-sold for more cards you want. This idea is really for the person that enjoys selling cards on Check Out My Cards, eBay, Forums and other places. If you strictly collect cards to keep – you should probably avoid buying lots, unless it’s of your favtorite team/players.

Travel to a card store/show I always like going to a card store in Modesto, CA … they cater to the gaming crowd (there is usually a large amount of kids playing, so I see why) but they do have some nice packs and singles. I sometimes find some nice cards for $0.50 – $1.00 that are pretty good deals … I’ve even re-sold some of the cards for more than I paid for them. Going to a card show (especially large ones with many dealer tables) are really exciting, because you see so many cards in one place. If you plan on going to a card show – I recommend showing up on the 1st day because many of the more rare cards will be gone later on. However, showing up on the last day is a good idea too, as many sellers are packing up & traveling with anything they have left – so you’d be amazed at the offers they might accept.

Make BIG purchases only This is a tough one if you don’t have a job or income to rely on. However, if you do – consider just buying $50+ single cards … or $150++ boxes. If you are bored with the hobby, and a $300 box … or sweet Patch/Auto of a hot RC doesn’t get you excited – you might need to find a new hobby! – Build Sets Building Sets is always a fun thing to do! You can choose to do base sets, insert sets, RC sets, team sets, player sets … ect. The main thing set-building does for you is 1: gives you focus & 2: gives you an end goal to reach. If you have 25 players in an insert to collect, it gives you a beginning, middle and end to the collection. This allows you to move onto another set, or collection focus quickly & should increase the amount of things to collect.

Go Vintage Unless you’ve already bought/have vintage cards, why not add some of those cards to your collection? Don’t be scared by the huge book value (BV) on some of these cards, most don’t sell for that unless they are in top condition. While most cards will set you back a pretty penny, there are plenty of sets/players to focus on. The best thing about vintage cards, especially high grade HOF players, is that the value of the cards doesn’t swing around as much as current cards. Collecting vintage will give you a steady supply of things to collect, and you should see your collection go up in value as time goes along.

We also got 2 good ideas from our Fan Forum

We also talk about 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball. This set is fairly compact, but does have 2 autograph “Rookie” cards per hobby box. There are a slew of parallel cards – including a special Black-Border set. I like the designs on these cards, but most of the ‘rookies’ have had Bowman & Elite signed cards already – so there really isn’t too much to get excited for here. The USA National Team Redemptions are over-and-above the state 2 auto odds, so in some boxes you’ll get a redemption good for 5 autograph cards from team USA.

On our next show, we’ll talk about ‘boom or bust’ and if sports collectibles will go through another ‘boom’ like it did in the 80’s – 90’s.

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