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On this weeks show, we start out with a great idea from a listener for Halloween. Before you give kids candy that will make them fat and have cavities, give them sports cards!! Grab all the extra cards you have laying around the house (if you are like me they are on the floor) and load up some team bags. That will stand out at the end of the night when the kids (and parents) go through the bag – and certainly will be a great thing to look at when the kids are scarfing down candy that night.

This month we’ll talk about multiple topics that involve making money (or selling) your cards, as it’s very tough to make money in this business. However, most of the time people are trying to ‘copy’ other sites or business models – like how many ‘auction’ clones have come and gone over the years? 1,000’s is my guess. However take a site like Check Out My Cards – they are offering a different experience and based on how often they are hiring over the past year, seems like they have a good business going. They didn’t copy eBay or the Auction Site expirience, they made their own site and collectors seem to enjoy it.

All the time I get people e-mailing me about how they can buy/sell boxes wholesale for a profit. My response is almost always the same: you really can’t make much money & chances are you’ll loose money. What most people don’t understand is that you need to add value for the buyer to give up 10+ years of buying from his card store, DA Card World & Blowout Cards to shop with you. Price is not going to be the reason. That is, unless you want to wait around for 10 years to build up collector’s trust = you better find some other reason for the collector to buy from you over the ‘big guys’. (Although getting the customers trust by providing a great service is what you are always after in any business).

One way to sell boxes is to actually attach a service to the end product. One good example of a site I see doing this is Mojo Break. This week we talk to one of the sites founders to discuss the finer points to making a box break happen and how Mojo Break helps collectors get into box breaks easier by creating a marketplace on their website.

Here are some of the questions I asked Doug from Mojo Break

– The basics behind setting up a box break, including having all the supplies, costs, getting people and being organized.

– What your site is setting out to do with Box Breaks & the type of box breaks you’ve done

– What’s your hobby background, like when you started collecting and what you’ve collected over the years

– What’s been the biggest pull(s) from a group break you’ve done

Also – if you sign up for their Newsletter Before October 15th – you’ll have a chance to win a spot in a 2011 Topps Prime Football box break live on MojoBreak.com!!!

Mojo Break also has a cool podcast you should listen to as well! I love how they talk about the current products, and since they are opening a good amount of the new stuff – they can provide insight into the kind of ‘hits’ you get from today’s products.
Find the MojoBreak Podcast on iTunes: Mojobreak Sports Card Show

We had a couple of our Fan Forum Members sell a big pull they got from a 2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball hobby box. They got lucky and pulled a Shelby Miller Orange Refractor Autograph #1/25. It ended up selling for $265.00 after 31 bids!! Congrats to them on a great sale!!

I go off on a tangent after reading some posts on Sports Card Forum where people are hating on ‘card flippers’ … reminds me of the people that invest in the stock market that hate ‘short sellers’ – Bottom line is they are a very important piece to both markets (cards and stocks) and without them, ‘real’ prices or price discovery would take longer (or would never happen). Without flippers and short sellers, the prices for cards/stocks would actually go up but you would get less value for what you do buy. Both keep the markets liquid and affordable … and with the advent of eBay (and soon to be Facebook e-commerce) flippers are only going to find more places to buy/sell. Don’t make them mad, because if they all went away – you wouldn’t be able to afford (or want) to collect cards.

2010 Bowman Chrome Shelby Miller Orange Refractor Autograph #1/25

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