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It’s been a while since I last put up a podcast – but not really by choice. I recorded this podcast 3 different times, only to mess it up somehow. Luckily this version made it through okay and it’s good to finally not mess up putting it up. You’d think after 4 years we’d have this all figured out!

On today’s show I take some questions I’ve gotten via e-mail and I answer them the best I can on the show. Here is what we talk about:

What are some the best selling methods for someone new to the business but not the hobby?

Who are the players I’m trying to collect right now?

Pack Searching – explain what the deal is with that.

I have a Buy-Sell-Hold podcast planned here soon, but I dropped one minor buy on you guys this week. Dwight Howard has been getting beat up in the press a bit for being a cry-baby about where he’s playing. However, I think LeBron got the same treatment for a while – and now everyone loves him. The rumor on the street is that Dwight Howard will end up in Los Angeles to play alongside Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. I think if that happens, his cards will certainly be more valuable!. I have a short-term buy rating on Dwight Howard rookie cards because if he lands in LA, it should give them a nice boost before he even plays.

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