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On today’s show we talk about “player picking” which I found to be fairly similar to “stock picking”

Often times we collect players from our favorite team – but I sometimes find myself buying players that I just think are going to have a good career. Occasionally I find players who’s card values are lower than I think they might be if they got a better opportunity or started getting on T.V. more often. It all kinds of depends on what kind of collector you are, but the bottom line is the more thought you have going into your purchases – the better they usually turn out.

For Baseball:

Check out the Top 100 list put out by Baseball America. Be careful buying pitchers, because so many guys blow out their arm … so buying near the dips of his career is always best. There is so much info on baseball card prospecting that you should find information no matter where you turn.

For Football:

Running Backs and Wide Receivers seems to have shorter and shorter careers in the NFL – so be very careful buying these players in the prime of their career. You will see guys like Arian Foster and Chris Johnson have big years, but often back them up with so-so years …. meaning you can always find a better time to buy than when they are the leading rusher in the NFL.

For quarterbacks, make sure the guy you are collecting is a good communicator and leader because no QB makes it all the way without those traits. With the NFL making it very tough to touch QB’s – buying them is safer than in the past because they tend to get hurt less.

The tight-end position is another one that has emerged as a go-to position to buy in the NFL. Most teams only have 1 or 2 pass-catching TE’s meaning the competition for playing time is less than at WR or RB. Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham have made collecting TE’s far more profitable than in the past.

For Basketball:

Coaching situation is always what I look for first. Last season the Milwaukee Bucks would change the rotation on a nightly basis, even if you had a great game the night before. The Orlando Magic don’t play defense or box out … but can pull 3’s in any game situation. It all depends on the coach you have, and the differences will lead some players into stardom.

Consistent scoring is another thing I look for, as everyone in the NBA can score 30 points … but very few can do it every game.

We also announce a contest & more on today’s show!!

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