Theories on Football Card Collecting

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Theories on Football Card Collecting

I have been collecting Football cards off and on for the last twenty years. These are some points of my collecting philosphy. These may seem obvious to some people, but new to others. These are not hard rules but more like my own guidlines. Please feel free to disagree and share your theories:

1. Skill Positions = $
QB, RB, and WR are the money positions, usually in that order. And TE to a much lesser extent. These are the most high profile positions with stats to back them up. Its easy to track td’s thrown, yards rushing, receptions. Defensive players can have value, but that player better be special, i.e. Troy Polamalu, Patrick Willis. Positions like O-line; fullback; d-line are not sexy money positions in the hobby.

2. Sandbag QB RC’s
The QB position more than any other position has the highest ceiling for value. It is also the toughest position to scout. The NFL is littered with highly touted busts, ie Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch. But it is also rich in underdog-out of nowhere-success stories. Kurt Warner was bagging groceries, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana 3rd Round, etc, etc. So when I pull a QB RC (auto); no matter how highly touted or not even drafted, I’ll store it away. Because if you do hit on the QB, it’ll be a big one. Drew Bledsoe was signed the most expensive contract in NFL history at the time. But if you stored away his scrub backup 6th round pick QB for two years, Tom Brady would have made you very happy.

3. Sell RB’s High
RB’s are a position with a short shelf life. Adrian Peterson aside, the NFL is flooded with talented RB’s who come out of college with fresh legs and high potential. So when you see a rookie RB doing well, you may want to consider selling or trading when that player is hot, remember Natrone Means, Bam Morris, Christian Okoye. RB’s who have a high amount of carries in a season will consistently fall off in the upcoming seasons. Every player is one hit away from being out for the season. But the RB is more vulnerable from being unable to return to form, ie Jamaal Anderson. There are more Rudi Johnson stories than Walter Paytons.

4. Super Bowl’s Change everything
Super Bowl championships can change everything. It can take a “role player” at any position and make them relevant in the hobby, ie David Tyree. A good Super Bowl performance can cement a player’s value forever. This is especially true when the player is a part of a dynasty, 49ers, Patriots, cowboys, etc. If a good but not great LB like Teddy Bruschi is on a team like the Cleveland Browns it would probably not be that exciting. But Bruschi’s role on the Patriots dynasty will forever make him valuable. Players like Tom Rathman, William Perry, Joe Green, and Darryl Johnston are all relevant because of their team’s performances in the Super Bowls. Collect winners on winning teams

5. Collect what you like
No matter how much you pay or lose on a particular card or player, if you collect what you like, you will never lose and will always have fun with the hobby.

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