Top 10 Hottest Basketball Cards March 2010

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March 2010

1 – Kevin Durant Rookie Cards

Collectors are taking notice of Durant, even though he plays in one of the leagues smaller markets. He really does have a lot of game. This guy can score from anywhere. I remember watching him play when he was a Freshman at Texas, and this guy could do the same things back then! He has gotten a little bigger, and a little stronger. Durant has been playing with a lot of confidence, and might be considered one of the top 5 players in the NBA shortly.

At current prices, I still see some value in buying a nice autograph rookie card. It all comes down to what he does in the playoffs. No matter what city he plays in, if he wins, and he plays at the level he has been playing at, his card prices will rise.

Kevin Durant Hot Prospect Jersey Patch Autograph

2 – High End Michael Jordan Cards

Jordan lovers are still in full force. His autographed and game used cards are always the most watched basketball cards on eBay. His Upper Deck dual cards with current stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant bring in thousands of dollars. A UD Black LeBron James/Michael Jordan Jersey Autograph 1/1 sold for over $8,000.

Sports Card Report – Sales of Michael Jordan Cards – March 2010

2009 Exquisite MICHAEL JORDAN LeBRON JAMES auto patch /23  $1,100.00
1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie PSA 9  $1,120.01
1986 PSA 9 Fleer MICHEAL JORDAN rookie card  $1,152.00

Michael Jordan Exquisite Patch Autograph

3 – High End LeBron James Cards

Much like Jordan, LeBron has got a huge following as well. It doesn’t hurt that he signed a deal with Upper Deck his rookie season, and it is without a doubt, Upper Deck makes the best high end cards. LeBron James Exquisite Rookie cards sell for thousands of dollars.

Sports Card Report – Sales of LeBron James  Cards – March 2010

2003-04 Exquisite Gold Lebron James Rookie 8/25  $1,290.91
2003/04 Lebron James Exquisitie Rookie Card 74/99  $10,500.00
2003/04 Lebron James Exquisite Collection Patch Auto /100  $1,109.00

LeBron James Exquisite Number Pieces Patch Autograph

4 – Tyreke Evans Rookie Cards

I live in Northern California and I hear a lot about the Kings, although, I am not a Kings fan. All I heard during the pre-season was how good this guy Tyreke Evans was and how he might be the next Chris Paul or Dwyane Wade. I chuckled to myself, and knew that Kings radio hosts really love to hype their team. Thing is, they got it right with Evans.

This guy has a lot of talent. From everything I hear he works very hard as well. Evans is still very young, collectors should look to pick up some of his rookie cards on the cheap next year after the 2010/11 draft class starts getting all the love. Much like Durant, Tyreke may disappear from the hot list after his rookie season, but return later on in his career if/when the Kings start to win.

2009/10 Tyreke Evans Panini Presitge Jersey

5 – Stephen Curry Rookie Cards

Here is another Nor Cal player who has caught fire. Monta Ellis has been hurt on and off throughout the year and that has allowed Curry to show his skills. I am not as impressed with Curry as I am Evans, but Curry is real close. I thought he was just a shooter a couple years ago when he played in college. Guess I wasn’t watching real close.

Right after the Warriors drafted Curry, Head Coach Don Nelson said Stephen reminded him of Steve Nash. I was surprised he said that, but that’s why I am not a coach! Curry can pass and see the floor very well. I think once he gets a little older and more established in the league his shooting will really be put on display. Bright future for this young guy.

2009/10 Stephen Curry Patch Autograph RC

6 – Kobe Bryant Panini Autographs

Panini jumped in and got the exclusive NBA license, and also took Kobe Bryant away from Upper Deck. There have been some nice Kobe Bryant Autographs in almost every Panini product. The prices have been well above $100 for those autographs, and that brings great value to collectors who have pulled one, because every Panini product thus far has been under $100 a box. Hitting one of those Kobe’s out of a pack or box is not easy though.

2009/10 Panini Kobe Bryant Autograph

7 – 1980/81 Topps Larry Bird/Julius Erving/Magic Johnson

I saw a lot of these cards pop up on eBay the last month. It could be because of the HBO Larry Bird and Magic Johnson special that recently aired. I have not seen it, but I heard it was very good.

The HBO special could have gotten a few vintage collectors to get on eBay and lock in one of the best basketball cards of all-time.

1980/91 Magic Johnson Larry Bird Julius Erving Rookie

8 – Russell Westbrook

Lost in some of the Kevin Durant hype is just how well his Thunder teammate has been playing. Westbrook, much like Durant, also has a fantastic set of offensive skills. I haven’t watched this guy a whole lot.

If I am watching a Thunder game I keep my eyes on Durant, and Jeff Green who has been on my fantasy team this year. I will have to take a closer look at Russell and see how good he might get.

Russell Westbrook UD Black Auto

9 – Carmelo Anthony 03/04 Rookie Cards

With the prices for LeBron so high, Carmelo Anthony rookie cards seem cheap at times. I wouldn’t spend a lot on Anthony, but that’s just me. He is a terror on the offensive end, but I wonder if he will have the drive and determination to win an NBA Championship as the main guy. I can see him winning a title late in his career, by teaming up with another star, much like Pierce, Garnett, and Allen did in 2008.

03/04 Carmelo Anthony RC

10 – Brandon Jennings

I don’t watch a whole lot of ESPN, but when this kid dropped his 50 + point night early in the season, Sports Center must have been his personal hype machine. His cards exploded and have since come down. He hasn’t had a night like that since, but is in contention with Tyreke and Curry for NBA Rookie of the Year.

I’ve only watched him play a couple times. He is very streaky with his jump shot, in a lot of ways like Memphis guard O.J. Mayo. When he is hot, he can hit jump shots all game. But he is young and is prone to inconsistency and he will have to work out those kinks to become a true star.

Nonetheless, basketball collectors still keep throwing out his name, so he gets the 10 spot on the hot list. I’d be surprised if he is still around for next months edition.

09/10 Panini Brandon Jennings

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