Top 10 Most Popular Football Card Searches On Ebay – January 2010

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Top 10 Most Popular Football Card Searches On eBay For January 2010

  1. AutoLast Month: (1) Here is a quick eBay search tip you might already be aware of, whenever I am looking for an item, I always, for example, search: [Michael Olowokandi (auto, autograph)] in the search box. That way you are able to catch items with either auto or autograph in the search results.
  2. ExquisiteLast Month: (9) We help you keep track of all things UD Exquisite Football here at Sports Card Radio. Be sure to check out our Exquisite Experience section, where we cover price history of the top rookies, as well as in depth product previews & reviews including: 2009 Exquisite which is slated to be released toward the end of Feb 2010.
  3. 2009 Topps ChromeLast Month: (NR) Chrome usually brings good value, and the autograph rookies from the set always seem to sell very well on eBay. The strong 2009 rookie class led by Mark Sanchez helped drive 2009 Chrome up the hot list charts.
  4. 1/1Last Month: (2)  If you ever want to see what some of the big time 1/1 cards go for, and are frustrated you can only go back 30 days on eBay, go check out Sports Card Reports Grand Club. It keeps track of value and price information for every card that sells for over $1,000 on eBay.
  5. Brett FavreLast Month: (6) At the age of 40, it is pretty remarkable what Brett Favre did for the Vikings in 2009. They came up just one game short of reaching the Super Bowl. Now Favre gets to decide if he has enough gas left in the tank to return for 2010.
  6. Adrian PetersonLast Month: (3)  Peterson showed that he is prone to fumble the football. A LOT. This is not good for Vikings fans, his fantasy football owners, and people who have shelled out big bucks to buy his expensive cards on eBay. Look for Peterson to bounce back in 2010, but he is going to have to show early in the season that his fumbling ways are behind him.
  7. JerseyLast Month: (7)  The search term is narrowed down to sports cards, and does not include jerseys that you’d wear.
  8. AutographLast Month: (4) See #1
  9. Mark SanchezLast Month: (NR)  New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan thought his team was out of it in week 15. Two weeks later Rex declared that his team should be favorite to win the Super Bowl. He had reason to believe. Mark Sanchez got red hot, and his defense was playing great. After beating the Bengals and the Chargers they finally came down off cloud 9 to loose to the Colts. Be sure to check out a complete checklist of Mark Sanchez RC cards. He is a guy who will be hot all summer long.
  10. Football CardsLast Month: (NR)  A cheesy way to end the top 10, but I gotta go by what the data tells me.

DROPPED OUT: Percy Harvin (5), Peyton Manning (8), Tom Brady (10).

Some Top Selling Cards: Jan. 2010 on eBay

  • 2004 Fleer Etched In Time Autographs Jim Thorpe 1/1  $5,299.00
  • 2006 Topps Paradign Reggie Bush Autograph Patch NFL LOGO 1/1  $3,050.00
  • Tom Brady Sp Authentic Rookie Card BGS 10  $2,749.01
  • 2009 Bowman Sterling Mark Sanchez RC Autograph Patch RED 1/1  $2,200.00
  • 1957 Topps #119 Bart Starr SGC 88  $1,850.00
  • Peyton Manning 1998 Bowman Chrome Gold REFRACTOR RC 5/5   $1,768.34
  • 2007 Exquisite Gold Adrian Peterson Auto Jersey RC /25  $1,275.00

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