Trevor Bauer 1st Autograph Rookies in 2012 Finest

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Trevor Bauer Autograph Baseball

Arizona Diamondbacks
Trevor Bauer
MLB Debut: June 28, 2012

1st Autograph Rookie Logo Cards:
2012 Topps Finest Baseball

Trevor Bauer is a unique pitcher and a guy who has been on the radar of card collectors even before he was picked #3 overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2011 MLB Draft.  He is known for his quirky workout regimen which includes a long toss that will leave you astounded when you see how far he can throw a baseball.  Bauer was called up to the big show and will make his MLB debut on June 28, 2012.  He has had some success in the minors but detractors point to a modestly high walk total and concerns that he may be a good #2-3 starter, and not a lights out #1 type guy.

In 2009 Upper Deck released a Team USA Baseball set and Bauer was on the US squad and has base, autographs and game used cards available in that set. 2010 Bowman Baseball also featured Bauer in a USA uniform. Bauer fans finally got a chance to see him with cards in a Diamondbacks uniform in 2011 Bowman Draft Baseball and 2011 Bowman Sterling. Some of his rare parallel autographs from that set sold for hundreds of dollars while he was pitching in the minor leagues.

Trevor Bauer Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher

If you’ve been collecting baseball cards the last several years you will know about the Rookie Card Logo Rule. Once Bauer was called up to the major leagues it allows Topps to include him into sets with that rookie card logo. That opens up the number of sets they can put him in and expect to see Bauer in most of the sets Topps will release in late 2012 (see list below).

What I think of Bauer:
I saw Bauer make a minor league start in late 2011. The warm-up routine leaves you stunned. His long toss extends the entire outfield. It will blow your mind. The time he took just to stretch before the game takes longer then most pitchers full warm-up before a game. He has a ton of pitches in his repitore and that from what I’ve heard can get him in trouble with pitch counts and walks. Often compared to Tim Lincecum, for Bauer though, in my opinion his stuff isn’t on par with Timmy when he debuted with the Giants. Not a knock on Bauer – but Lincecum was dominant in his brief time in the minors and then won back-to-back Cy Young Awards.

Market for his cards:
If he pitches well – it will send a pop in the value of his cards. He has to pitch well. If he struggles even a little bit it could leave collectors wishing they sold when the hype was building for Trevor in the minor leagues. The Diamondbacks play in a hitters yard and are on the outside looking in for a playoff berth, if he doesn’t show strong flashes collectors may shift their focus to Bauer’s teammates yet to reach the MLB – Tyler Skaggs and Archie Bradley.

What Sets Have Bauer Rookie Card Logos?
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