Romo, Tony 2003 Rookie RC Football Checklist


    • Tony Romo
    • College: Eastern Illinois
    • Position: Quarterback (QB)
    • Born: April 21, 1980(1989-08-09)
    • Drafted: Undrafted (2003)

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Tony Romo went from being undrafted QB to dating one of the hottest girls of her time (Jessica Simpson) almost overnight. It
helped that he was the QB for the Dallas Cowboys and his play had the (then) struggling Cowboys back on track. Romo’s ability
to move from the pocket and make throws down-field is among the best I’ve ever seen. I once had a 2003 SP Authentic RC Auto
that I pulled from a box before anyone really knew who he was. I remember keeping it and selling it on eBay for around $300
many years ago when he was just getting his chance in the NFL.


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