2010 Ringside Boxing Round 1 – Review & Checklist –

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2010 Ringside Boxing Round One
Release Date: June 18, 2010
-1st Boxing set in 10 years-
2010 Ringside Boxing Creative Cardboard Concepts KO TKO

Box Information: 

2010 Ringside Boxing has two different box types.

– KO Box Version –
This will be the better of the two boxes.
Only 2,500 KO Boxes Produced

KO Box Exclusives:PER BOX – KO Version:
12 – Base Cards
2 – Autographs
1 – Fight Worn Memorabilia Card (Or) 1/1 Insert
3 – Mecca Turkey Red Inserts
1 – Limited Edition Base Card

Parallel Base Cards:

  • Gold serial numbered /10
  • Black serial numbered /1
  • 1 Limited Edition Base Card Per Box

TKO Box Version
10 Packs Per Box
4 Cards Per Pack

Ring Side TKO Box ODDS:

Autographs – 1 in 20 packs.
Fight Worn Memorabilia Card – 1 in 20 packs.
Limited Edition Base Card – 1 in 20 packs.
Mecca Turkey Red Inserts – 1 or 2 eack box.

2010 Ringside Boxing Mickey Ward

2010 Ringside Boxing Base Cards
– 100 Card Base Set –
*Check the link to see if any are on eBay*
Complete Checklist:

1 Aaron Pryor
2 Angelo Dundee
3 Sandy Saddler
4 Archie Moore
5 Barney Ross
6 Battling Nelson
7 Benny Leonard
8 Carlos Monzon
9 Bobby Czyz
10 Buster Douglas
11 Carlos Ortiz
12 Chad Dawson
13 Christy Martin
14 Emile Griffith
15 Ezzard Charles
16 Fernando Vargas
17 Floyd Mayweather Jr.
18 Gene Tunney
19 Gerry Cooney
20 Harry Greb
21 Hector “Macho” Camacho
22 Henry Armstrong
23 Iran Barkley
24 Jack Dempsey
25 Jake LaMotta
26 James Braddock
27 Joe Frazier
28 Joe Louis
29 Junior Jones
30 Larry Holmes
31 Lennox Lewis
32 Jess Willard
33 Mark Breland
34 James Jeffries
35 Micky Ward
36 Miguel Cotto
37 Mike Tyson
38 Willie Pep
39 Pernell Whitaker
40 Primo Carnera
41 Ray Mancini
42 Riddick Bowe
43 Rocky Marciano
44 Roy Jones Jr.
45 Rubin “Hurricane” Carter
46 Sonny Liston
47 Sugar Ray Robinson
48 Tim Witherspoon
49 Vinny Paz
50 Vito Antuofermo

2010 Ringside Boxing Lennox Lewis Base

Weigh In Subset
51 Chad Dawson
52 Roy Jones Jr.
53 Larry Holmes
54 Mike Tyson
55 Lennox Lewis
56 Floyd Mayweather Jr.
57 Fernando Vargas
58 Sugar Ray Robinson
59 Pernell Whitaker
60 Archie Moore
Tale of the Tape Subset
61 Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis
62 Larry Holmes vs Gerry Cooney
63 Hector Camacho vs Ray Mancini
64 Mike Tyson vs Larry Holmes
65 Vinny Paz vs Hector Camacho
66 Vinny Paz vs Roy Jones Jr.
67 Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas
In My Corner Subset
68 Roy Jones Jr.
69 Fernando Vargas
70 Larry Holmes
71 Floyd Mayweather Jr.
72 Carlos Ortiz
73 Lennox Lewis
74 Mike Tyson
75 Joe Louis
Victorious Subset
76 Hector Camacho
77 Archie Moore
78 Larry Holmes
79 Ray Mancini
80 Chad Dawson
81 Roy Jones Jr.
82 Junior Jones
83 Mike Tyson
84 Mark Breland
85 Lennox Lewis
86 Floyd Mayweather Jr.
87 Fernando Vargas
88 Joe Frazier
89 Jake LaMotta
90 Mark Breland
91 Muhammad Ali
92 Muhammad Ali
Weigh In Subset
93 Muhammad Ali
94 Muhammad Ali
Tale of the Tape Subset
95 Joe Frazier vs Muhammad Ali
96 Sonny Liston vs Muhammad Ali
In My Corner Subset
97 Muhammad Ali
98 Muhammad Ali
Victorious Subset
99 Muhammad Ali
100   Muhammad Ali

2010 Ringside Boxing: Turkey Red Inserts
– 90 Different Cards –
Complete Checklist:
BASE: Red Border
GOLD: Serial Numbered /10
BLACK/ONYX: Serial Numbered /10

2010 Ringside Boxing Round 1 Rubin Hurricane Carter Turkey Red 2010 Ringside Boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr Turkey 2010 Ringside Boxing Vinny Paz Turkey Gold 2010 Lennox Lewis Turkey Red Black/Onyx

1     Aaron Pryor
2     Aaron Pryor
3     Angelo Dundee
4     Archie Moore
5     Archie Moore
6     Bobby Czyz
7     Bobby Czyz
8     James Douglas
9     James Douglas
10     Carlos Ortiz
11     Carlos Ortiz
12     Chad Dawson
13     Chad Dawson
14     Christy Martin
15     Christy Martin
16     Chuck Wepner
17     Chuck Wepner
18     Emile Griffith
19     Emile Griffith
20     Fernando Vargas
21     Fernando Vargas
22     Floyd Mayweather Jr.
23     Floyd Mayweather Jr.
24     Floyd Patterson
25     Floyd Patterson
26     Gerry Cooney
27     Gerry Cooney
28     Hector Camacho
29     Hector Camacho
30     Henry Armstrong
31     Henry Armstrong
32     Iran Barkley
33     Iran Barkley
34     Jack Dempsey
35     Jack Johnson
36     Jack Johnson
37     Jack Sharkey
38     Jake LaMotta
39     Jake LaMotta
40     James J. Corbett
41     Jersey Joe Walcott
42     Jess Willard
43     Jim Jeffries
44     Joe Frazier
45     Joe Frazier
46     Junior Jones
47     Junior Jones
48     Kid Gavilan
49     Larry Holmes
50     Larry Holmes
51     Lennox Lewis
52     Lennox Lewis
53     Livingstone Bramble
54     Livingstone Bramble
55     Lou Duva
56     Mark Breland
57     Mark Breland
58     Marvis Frazier & Joe Frazier
59     Marvis Frazier
60     Marvis Frazier
61     Max Baer
62     Max Baer
63     Micky Ward
64     Micky Ward65     Mike Tyson
66     Mike Tyson
67     Pernell Whitaker
68     Pernell Whitaker
69     Ray Mancini
70     Ray Mancini
71     Riddick Bowe
72     Riddick Bowe
73     Rocky Marciano
74     Rocky Marciano
75     Roy Jones Jr.
76     Roy Jones Jr.
77     Rubin Hurricane Carter
78     Rubin Hurricane Carter
79     Sonny Liston
80     Sonny Liston
81     Sugar Ray Robinson
82     Sugar Ray Robinson
83     Tim Witherspoon
84     Tim Witherspoon
85     Vinny Paz
86     Vinny Paz
87     Vito Antuofermo
88     Vito Antuofermo
89     Willie Pep
90     Willie Pep
91     Muhammad Ali (sp)
92     Muhammad Ali (sp)
93     Muhammad Ali (sp)

2010 Ringside Boxing Mecca Autograph Cards
Complete Checklist: TBA
Gold & Silver Versions

2010 Ringside Boxing Mike Tyson Autograph 2010 Ringside Boxing Lennox Lewis Silver Autograph 2010 Ringside Boxing Vinny Paz Autograph 2010 Ringside Boxing Round 1 Jake LaMotta Auto

A-ALI1 Ali, Muhammad
A-ALI2 Ali, Muhammad
A-ALI3 Ali, Muhammad
A-VA1 Antuofermo, Vito
A-VA2 Antuofermo, Vito
A-IB1 Barkley, Iran
A-IB2 Barkley, Iran
A-RB1 Bowe, Riddick
A-RB2 Bowe, Riddick
A-LB1 Bramble, Livingstone
A-LB2 Bramble, Livingstone
A-MB1 Breland, Mark
A-MB2 Breland, Mark
A-HC1 Camacho, Hector
A-HC2 Camacho, Hector
A-RHC1 Carter, Hurricane
A-RHC2 Carter, Hurricane
A-GC1 Cooney, Gerry
A-GC2 Cooney, Gerry
A-BC1 Czyz, Bobby
A-BC2 Czyz, Bobby
A-CD1 Dawson, Chad
A-CD2 Dawson, Chad
A-BD1 Douglas, Buster
A-BD2 Douglas, Buster
A-AD Dundee, Angelo
A-LD1 Duva, Lou
A-JF1 Frazier, Joe
A-JF2 Frazier, Joe
A-MF1 Frazier, Marvis
A-MF2 Frazier, Marvis
A-MJF Frazier, Joe and Marvis
A-EG1 Griffith, Emile
A-EG2 Griffith, Emile
A-LH1 Holmes, Larry
A-LH2 Holmes, Larry
A-JJ1 Jones, Junior “Poison”
A-JJ2 Jones, Junior “Poison”
A-RJJ1 Jones, Jr. Roy
A-RJJ2 Jones, Jr. Roy
A-JL1 LaMotta, Jake
A-JL2 LaMotta, Jake
A-LL1 Lewis, Lennox
A-LL2 Lewis, Lennox
A-BBM1 Mancini, Ray
A-BBM2 Mancini, Ray
A-CM1 Martin, Christy
A-CM2 Martin, Christy
A-CO1 Ortiz, Carlos
A-CO2 Ortiz, Carlos
A-VP1 Paz, Vinny
A-VP2 Paz, Vinny
A-AP1 Pryor, Aaron
A-AP2 Pryor, Aaron
A-MT1 Tyson Mike
A-MT2 Tyson Mike
A-FV1 Vargas, Fernando
A-FV2 Vargas, Fernando
A-MW1 Ward, Mikey
A-MW2 Ward, Mikey
A-CW1 Wepner, Chuck
A-CW2 Wepner, Chuck
A-PW1 Whitaker, Pernel
A-PW2 Whitaker, Pernel
A-TW1 Witherspoon, Tim
A-TW2 Witherspoon, Tim

2010 Ringside Boxing Fight Worn Memorabilia Cards
– Took 3 Years To Get All the Items!! –
Trunks – Robes – Boots – Jackets – Gloves
*Many of the items came directly from the fighters*

2010 Ringside Boxing Roy Jones Jr. Patch Memorabilia 2010 Ringside Boxing Ray Mancini Patch 2010 Ringside Boxing Lennox Lewis Patch 2010 Ringside Boxing Holmes Mike Tyson Dual 2010 Ringside Boxing Lennox Lewis For Your Country 2010 Creative Cardboard Concepts Larry Holmes Ringside Boxing

Waist Land
Piece of memorabilia cut from the logo on boxing trunk or waist bands.

2010 Ringside Boxing Micky Ward
WL-01     Gerry Cooney
WL-02     Iran Barkley
WL-03     Joe Frazier
WL-04     Joe Frazier
WL-05     Junior Jones
WL-06     Larry Holmes
WL-07     Mark Breland
WL-08     Marvis Frazier
WL-09     Micky Ward
WL-10     Mike Tyson
WL-11     Ray Mancini
WL-12     Riddick Bowe
WL-13     Vito Antuofermo

Authentic Memorabilia

  • Authentic fight worn memorabilia.
  • Silver /50
  • Gold /10

2010 Ringside Boxing Roy Jones Jr. Patch Memorabilia

2010 Ringside Boxing Lennox Lewis Patch

2010 Ringside Boxing Mike Tyson Memorabilia

AM-01     Aaron Pryor
AM-02     Angelo Dundee
AM-03     Buster Douglas
AM-04     Christy Martin
AM-05     Emile Griffith
AM-06     Junior Jones
AM-07     Gerry Cooney
AM-08     Hector Camacho
AM-09     Iran Barkley
AM-10     Joe Frazier
AM-11     Larry Holmes
AM-12     Lennox Lewis
AM-13     Livingstone Bramble
AM-14     Lou Duva
AM-15     Mark Breland
AM-16     Marvis Frazier
AM-17     Micky Ward
AM-18     Mike Tyson
AM-19     Muhammad Ali
AM-20     Pernell Whitaker
AM-21     Ray Mancini
AM-22     Ray Mancini
AM-23     Riddick Bowe
AM-24     Roy Jones Jr.
AM-24     Vinny Paz
AM-26     Vinny Paz
AM-27     Vito Antuofermo

Double Memorabilia

  • Silver /30
  • Gold /10

2010 Ringside Boxing Holmes Mike Tyson Dual

D-01     Ray Mancini
D-02     Muhammad Ali/Joe Frazier
D-03     Larry Holmes/Mike Tyson
D-04     Muhammad Ali/Angelo Dundee
D-05     Vinny Paz
D-06     Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas
D-07     Larry Holmes

In My Corner
Worn by the boxer or conerman

  • Silver /40
  • Gold /10

2010 Creative Cardboard Concepts Larry Holmes Ringside Boxing

IMC-01     Fernando Vargas
IMC-02     Muhammad Ali
IMC-03     Lennox Lewis
IMC-04     Larry Holmes

Moniker Insert Set
Features letter from authentic fight-worn boxing trunks or robes. Serial Numbered 1/1.

2010 Ringside Boxing Junior Jones Moniker

M-01 – M-08     Ray Mancini
M-09 –M-15      Roy Jones Jr.
M-16 – M-22     Christy Martin
M-23 – M-28     Vinny Paz
M-29 – M-36     Pernell Whitaker
M-37 – M-54     Livingstone Bramble
M-55 – M-62     Emile Griffith
M-63 – M-65     Muhammad Ali
M-66 – M-71     Riddick Bowe
M-72 – M-93     Tim Witherspoon
M-94 – M-99     Junior Jones

Cut Signatures
Serial Numbered 1/1

2010 Ringside Boxing Sugar Ray Robinson Cut Signature Auto

CS-AA     Abe Attell

CS-AM     Archie Moore
CS-BL     Benny Leonard
CS-BC     Billy Conn
CS-ET     Ernie Terrell
CS-FP     Floyd Patterson
CS-GF     Gene Fullmer
CS-GT     Gene Tunney
CS-HC     Henry Cooper
CS-IJ     Ingemar Johansson
CS-JD     Jack Dempsey
CS-JS     Jack Sharkey
CS-JB     James Braddock
CS-JJC     James J. Corbett
CS-JJJ     James J. Jeffries
CS-JJW     Jersey Joe Walcott
CS-JE        Jimmy Ellis
CS-JMC     Jimmy McLarin
CS-JL       Joe Louis
CS-JM      Joey Maxim
CS-JLS     John L. Sullivan
CS-JMO     John Morrissey
CS-KG     Kid Gavilan
CS-LA     Lou Ambers
CS-MB     Max Baer
CS-MS     Max Schmeling
CS-PC     Primo Carnera
CS-RG     Rocky Graziano
CS-RM     Rocky Marciano
CS-SRR   Sugar Ray Robinson
CS-TL     Tommy Loughran
CS-TZ     Tony Zale
CS-WM     William Muldoon
CS-Wp     Willie Pep

Ringside Logo Card
Serial Numbered 1/1 – features the Ringside Boxing logo.

2010 Ringside Boxing Mike Tyson Logo

LC-01     Aaron Pryor
LC-02     Abe Attell
LC-03     Angelo Dundee
LC-04     Antonio Tarver
LC-05     Archie Moore
LC-06     Barney Ross
LC-07     Battling Nelson
LC-08     Benny Leonard
LC-09     Bert Randolf Sugar
LC-10     Bobby Czyz
LC-11     Buster Douglas
LC-12     Carlos Ortiz
LC-13     Chad Dawson
LC-14     Christy Martin
LC-15     Emile Griffith
LC-16     Ezzard Charles
LC-17     Fernando Vargas
LC-18     Floyd Mayweather Jr.
LC-19     Gene Tunney
LC-20     Gerry Cooney
LC-21     Harry Greb
LC-22     Hector Macho Camacho
LC-23     Henry Armstrong
LC-24     Iran Barkley
LC-25     Jack Dempsey
LC-26     Jack Johnson
LC-27     Jake LaMotta
LC-28     James Braddock
LC-29     James J. Corbett
LC-30     James J. Jeffries
LC-31     Jersey Joe Walcott
LC-32     Joe Frazier
LC-33     Joe Louis
LC-34     John L. Sullivan
LC-35     Junior Jones
LC-36     Kid Gavilan
LC-37     Larry Holmes
LC-38     Lennox Lewis
LC-39     Livingstone Bramble
LC-40     Mark Breland
LC-41     Marvis Frazier
LC-42     Max Baer
LC-43     Max Schmeling
LC-44     Micky Ward
LC-45     Mike Tyson
LC-46     Muhammad Ali
LC-47     Pernell Whitaker
LC-48     Primo Carnera
LC-49     Ray Mancini
LC-50     Riddick Bowe
LC-51     Rocky Marciano
LC-52     Roy Jones Jr.
LC-53     Rubin Hurricane Carter
LC-54     Sonny Liston
LC-55     Sugar Ray Robinson
LC-56     Tim Witherspoon
LC-57     Vinny Paz
LC-58     Vito Antuofermo

4 – Pieces of Fight Worn Memorabilia

  • Silver /20
  • Gold /10

2010 Ringside Boxing Decades Ali/Frazier/Antuofermo/Griffith

D-01     Frazier J./Ali/Antuofermo/Griffith
D-02     Holmes/Cooney/Mancini/Paz
D-03     Tyson/Lewis/Paz/Bowe
D-04     Vargas/Jones Jr./Ward/Lewis

Hometown Heroes
Fight Worn Memorabilia

  • Silver /40
  • Gold /10

2010 Ringside Boxing Micky Ward

HH-01     Fernando Vargas
HH-02     Joe Frazier
HH-03     Larry Holmes
HH-04     Lennox Lewis
HH-05     Micky Ward
HH-06     Mike Tyson
HH-07     Muhammad Ali
HH-08     Ray Mancini
HH-09     Roy Jones Jr.
HH-10     Vinny Paz

Triple Memorabilia

  • Silver /20
  • Gold 1/1

2010 Ringside Boxing Triple Memorabilia

TM-01     Paz/Mancini/Jones Jr.
TM-02     Tyson/Ali/Lewis
TM-03     Frazier/Holmes/Antuofermo
TM-04     Whitaker/Breland/Paz

Quad Memorabilia

  • Silver /30
  • Gold /10

2010 Ringside Boxing Quad Tyson/Lewis/Bowe/Douglas

QM-01     Ali/Frazier/Holmes/Tyson
QM-02     Ortiz/Pryor/Camacho/Paz
QM-03     Tyson/Lewis/Bowe/Douglas
QM-04     Camacho/Jones Jr./Vargas/Ali

King-Sized Memorabilia
Serial Numbered 1/1

2010 Ringside Boxing Muhammed Ali King Sized Patch

KSM-01     Angelo Dundee
KSM-02     Buster Douglas
KSM-03     Christy Martin
KSM-04     Emile Griffith
KSM-05     Fernando Vargas
KSM-06     Gerry Cooney
KSM-07     Hector Camacho
KSM-08     Iran Barkley
KSM-09     Joe Frazier
KSM-10     Junior Jones
KSM-11     Larry Holmes
KSM-12     Livingstone Bramble
KSM-13     Mark Breland
KSM-14     Marvis Frazier
KSM-15     Micky Ward
KSM-16     Mike Tyson
KSM-17     Muhammad Ali
KSM-18     Pernell Whitaker
KSM-19     Ray Mancini
KSM-20     Riddick Bowe
KSM-21     Roy Jones Jr.
KSM-22     Vinny Paz
KSM-23     Vito Antuofermo

For Your Country

  • Silver /30
  • Gold /10

2010 Ringside Boxing Round 1 Joe Frazier Patch

FYC-01     Lennox Lewis
FYC-02     Livingstone Bramble
FYC-03     Vito Antuofermo
FYC-04     Muhammad Ali
FYC-05     Joe Frazier
FYC-06     Mike Tyson

Ringside Seat
– 14 cards –
Each card is a redemption for an authentic fight ticket or boxing ticket stub. Serial Numbered 1/1.

2010 Ringside Boxing Redemption Ticket Stub

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