2010 Topps Pro Debut MiLB Baseball Series 1 Box Review

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2010 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Preview

2010 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Card Box

– 24 Packs – 8 Cards Per Pack

– 1 Game Used Jersey
– 2 Autograph Cards Per Box

– 220 Card Base Set

2010 Topps Pro Debut Series 2 Checklist2010 Topps Series 2 Pro Debut Checklist

Topps and Major League Baseball (MLB & MILB) announced that effective January 1st 2010 will begin a multi-year agreement that allows Topps to be the exclusive maker of Minor League Baseball Cards. Previously Tri-Star and Razor had been making MiLB cards along with others.

The first product to be released for purchase from Topps will be 2010 Pro Debut Series One which should reach collectors hands sometime in March 2010. There are over 160 Minor League Baseball Teams around the country and many of Baseball’s next great players are currently in farm systems making this a prospectors dream. It will be curious to see how the hobby handles these cards as a player makes his Major League debut and Topps starts to make Rookie Cards with the official MLB RC Logo. Will these Minor League Cards be considered ‘XRC’ ‘Prospect’ or a ‘True RC’ or possibly a combination of all three? Either way, its nice to have such a respected company making cards for Minor League Baseball and will give more attention to the players that compete at that level.

2010 Topps Pro Debut MILB Baseball Cards

2010 Topps Debut Cuts Autograph Cards (3 Per Case)

2010 Topps Pro Debut Baseball MILB Cuts Trading Cards

These are ‘Cut’ Autographs as most cannot sign for Topps because of player contracts.
Each card is #/100 and are a bonus hit in 3:12 Hobby Boxes.
Find the Top Players on eBay below:

#DC-13 Aaron Hicks

#DC-15 Destin Hood

#DC-16 Ethan Martin

#DC-19 Tim Melville

#DC-20 Tim Beckham

2010 Topps Debut Futures Game Jersey Cards (1 Per Box)
These are Game Used 2009 Futures Game Jersey Cards #/99 (Gold #/25)

2010 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Jersey Patch Cards

Find the Top Players on eBay below:

#FGR-3 Pedro Alvarez

#FGR-8 Madison Bumgarner

#FGR-11 Jason Heyward

#FGR-14 Mike Stanton

#FGR-17 Chris Tillman

#FGR-20 Chris Carter

#FGR-22 Brian Matusz

#FGR-30 Jesus Montero

#FGR-49 Neftali Feliz

Mike Stanton Red Border Parallel #/5

2010 Topps Pro Debut Futures Game Patch Cards
Brian Matusz #1/1 MLB Logo Parallel

2010 Topps Pro Debut will be the first release for Topps and it will be interesting to see how the following releases will be anticipated by collectors. Given that many of the top players will have cards made throughout the 2010 Minor League Baseball Season, collectors will have many different sets to choose from. What will be interesting to see is how 2011 and following releases are handled by collectors as many of the top stars will get a second year in the set as most young players spend 1-2 Years in the MiLB before making it to the Majors.

Also complicating the matter is that Tri-Star and Razor have made MiLB trading cards in 2009 and before so many of the top young talent already has some kind of cardboard to collect already. Either way, the Topps brand and quality should make this a popular set amongst baseball collectors.

2010 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Pack

Base Cards: 8 Per Pack
Blue Parallel #/199
Gold Parallel #/50
Red Parallel #1/1
Printing Plates

Autograph Cards: 2 Per Box
Debut Prospect Auto Parallels:
-Blue Parallel #/199 – Gold Parallel #/50 – Red Parallel #1/1 – Printing Plates
Debut Cut Autographs:
-Cut Autographs from 20 Minor League Baseball Stars (3 Per Case)

Relic Cards: 1 Per Box
All Jersey Cards Serial #/99 or Less
-49- Futures Game Relics #/99
Gold Parallel #/25
-Book Patch Cards #1/1
3 Panel Game Used Futures Game Patch
-MLB Logo Patch #1/1
Game Used MLB Logo Patch Jersey Card
-Flag Patch Cards #1/1
Game Used Flag Logo Patch Card
-Red Border Patch Jersey #/5
Parallel Game Used Version

Insert Cards: 20 Per Box

-30 Single A All-Stars
-30 Double AA All-Stars
-30 Triple AAA All-Stars
All appeared in MiLB All-Star Game in 2009
-10 Hall of Fame Stars
HOF Players Featured In Their Minor League Baseball Uniforms
-400 #1/1 Printing Plates
4 Plates For Each Player/Insert Card

2010 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Card Box

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