2011 Tri-City Sports Diamond City Cuts Baseball Box Break

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2011 Tri-City Sports Diamond City Cuts Baseball Box

2011 Diamond City Cuts Baseball
Manufactured By: Tri-City Sports PL

Box Break Date: January 25, 2011
Contest Winner: Kyle07

I get very excited when new products like 2011 Tri-City Sports Diamond City Cuts Baseball hit the market because it gives collectors more chances to hit that big autograph. There are plenty of huge names in this debut set by Tri-City, including opportunities to score incredible autograph redemption items like an Albert Pujols Baseball.

One thing I am particularly impressed with this set is the looks of the cards, especially the Manager Rivals Dual Autograph we pulled of Dusty Baker and Jim Tracy. Sometimes cut signature cards will have part of the autograph cut off because the autograph is too large to fit into the small space.  I like the fact that Tri-City decided to double side these cards so that the full autograph can be displayed in tact for the most part.  The Dusty Baker side even allows for the inscribed ’05 to be shown – which is really cool.

There is a lot to like about this set and the best place to find the checklist of cards is on the Tri-City Sports PL official website. Some of the names I was most excited to see included were Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods. Those are two guys you don’t often see in any card set so it gives collectors an opportunity to get autographs of those two American legends. There are many more big things to come for Tri-City during 2011, including a Series 2 of the Diamond City Cuts product late in the year. Look for a flagship Tri-City Sports release sometime during the spring.

2011 Tri-City Sports Dusty Baker Manager Rivals Dual Cut Autograph2011 Tri-City Sports Jim Tracy Manager Rivals Dual Cut Autograph

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