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Front of the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas

Day #1 At The Industry Summit
In Las Vegas, NV

Sunday March 17, 2012

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Sunday is a day where many people are still flying in or traveling to the Las Vegas Industry Summit. But here are some of the highlights on the schedule:

Noon – 2:30pm is the Retailer Annual Meeting
At 2:30 Kevin Issacson (the host and the person who coordinates the event) is welcoming everyone.
From 3:00 – 7:00pm The show flow with 20 exhibitors is open.

That’s about it! – Lots More Happens On Monday – Wednesday


Camera Icon Photos From Day 1 At The 2013 Industry Summit

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Ryan Tedards
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Brande Roderick Signing Autographs At Industry SummitOrleans Casino Conference Rooms

Brande RoderickOrleans Conference RoomsOsama Bin Laden Card From Famous Fabrics


Mojobreak BoothOsama Bin Laden Card Mojobreak Booth

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LIVE Breaks & Video During Event

2013 Benchwarmers Summit Exclusive Box With Brian Gray – Mojo Break


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Letter A Icon Day 1 Notes From The Floor:

Retail Networking Topics – These topics were discussed among retailers on the opening day of the 2013 Las Vegas Industry Summit. Below are the questions that were asked:

  • What did you do last year to profit from your Industry Summit promo items and giveaways?
  • What are your best strategies to save $$$? (Turning down heat at night, selling used supplies…ect.
  • What items in your store off the largest profit margins?
  • What was your single biggest sales day, and what were those sales?
  • What unique ideas do you utilize to bring new customers into your store?
  • What is the best decision you made for your business this year?


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Microphone Icon Audio From 2013 Industry Summit   Sports Card Show Interview With Ryan @SportsCardNews
– Sunday March 17, 203 –

Day 2 Links & Info

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