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Robert Griffin III Patch Card From Black Box

Day #3 At The Industry Summit
In Las Vegas, NV

Tueday March 19, 2012

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Day 1 Links – Tweets & Info

Day 2 Links – Tweets & Info

Basically what happened on Tuesday were numerous corporate addresses by manufactures that included interesting facts and give-aways for their products. The Panini Black Box was given away and you can expect many of the cards (and boxes) to end up on eBay – so you might have a shot even if you weren’t in Vegas.


Camera Icon Photos From Day 3 At The 2013 Industry Summit

Sports Card Radio

Ryan Tedards
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George H.W. Bush Relic/Auto From Black BoxJohn Elway Gridiron Kings Patch From Black BoxGeorge H.W. BushJohn Elway From Black Box

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LIVE Breaks & Video During Event


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Letter A Icon Day 3 Blogs About The Summit:

Microphone Icon Audio From 2013 Industry Summit Day 2 Interview With @SportsCardNews
– Monday March 2013 –

Day 1 Sports Card Show Interview With Ryan @SportsCardNews
– Sunday March 17, 2013 –

Day 1 Links – Tweets & Info

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