2014 National Sports Collectors Convention Links

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2014 NSCC Cleveland Boxes

Links From The NSCC In Cleveland

Tweeters Worth Following:

Camera IconPhotographs Sports Card Radio
Ryan Tedards – Sports Card Radio   Sports Collectors Daily
Rich Mueller – Sports Collectors Daily

Blog Icon Blogs From NSCC National Has Begun
July 30, 2014 – Sports Card Info Day 1 News & Notes
July 30, 2014 – Sports Collectors Daily Kris Bryant BGS 10
July 30, 2014 – Beckett Beckett Magazine Cover Cards
July 30, 2014 – Beckett

TV IconVideos From NSCC 2014 NSCC Video Playlist
July 30 – July 3 – Sports Card Radio Blowout Cards Booth
August 1, 2014 – Sports Card Radio DA Card World Booth
August 1, 2014 – Sports Card Radio TriStar Autograph Pavilion 
August 1, 2014 – Sports Card Radio Day 2 – Walk Around Show Floor
July 31, 2014 – Sports Card Radio Day 1 – Group Breaking Pavilion
July 30, 2014 – Sports Card Radio Day 1 – Sports Collectors Daily
July 30, 2014 – Sports Collectors Daily Steel City Collectibles Booth
July 30, 2014 – Sports Card Radio Upper Deck Wrapper Redemption
July 30, 2014 – Sports Card Radio Topps Booth
July 30, 2014 – Sports Card Radio Panini Authentic Booth
July 30, 2014 – Sports Card Radio Day 1 Sneak Peak
July 30, 2014 – Sports Card Radio Walking To The National
July 30, 2014 – Sports Card Radio Panini America Van
July 30, 2014 – Sports Card Radio Playing Favorites At NSCC
July 30, 2014 – Beckett

Microphone IconAudio From NSCC @SportsCardNews Interview
July 31, 2014 – Sports Card Radio


NSCC Highlight Tweets



My Take: All You Topps Baseball guys better start to worry how they will replace this revenue!


My Take: Topps is now invited to the “RIP” Party!!

My Take: The FBI might even have a VIP pass or a booth they show up at this thing so often!


My Take: Ripping Wax, Distributors & Panini are laughing all the way to the bank!

 My Take: It will be crickets on the weekend because the 40 customers will all be broke! 

 My Take: Couldn’t have said it any better myself!

 My Take: LOL – so true!

My Take: These guys are too nice … or need the money – or both. I’m sure they did great they turned NSCC into hard work.

 My Take: FCB does cool things at the show. If I’m ever back east I’d visit his store.

My Take: This guy is the reason I’ll probably never have to work again in my life. That’s not a joke.



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