2014 Panini National VIP Party

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2014 Panini National VIP Party

2014 Panini VIP Party
Held During: 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention
Date: August 2, 2014

2014 marks the 3rd year Panini America will hold a VIP party at the National Sports Collectors Convention. This years show is in Cleveland, Ohio.

How to get in for Dealers: Purchase $10,000 of eligible product using MAPP (minimum advertised price policy) from your Panini Authorized Wholesale Distributor.

You must open the $10,000 worth of eligible product at the National. You cannot open the product prior to the show.

In addition to the VIP Pass, eligible products will entitle you to Silver Wrapper Redemption Packs.

Limit: 400 National Silver Wrapper Redemption Packs per person.

How to get in for Collectors: Purchase $7,500 worth of select Panini America products from one of six approved vendors: Atlanta Sports Cards, Blowout Cards, Chicagoland Sports Cards, Dave & Adam’s Card World, Marty’s Sportscards Exchange and Steel City Collectibles.

Dealer Eligible Products:

2013 Black $100.00
2013 Crown Royale $55.00
2013 Spectra $180.00
2013 National Treasures $1,500.00 (Limit 1 Case Per Dealer VIP Package)

2013/14 Crusade $54.00
2013/14 Innovation $75.00
2013/14 Intrigue $112.50
2013/14 Preferred $150.00
2013/14 Select $105.00
2013/14 Signature $90.00
2013/14 Spectra $225.00

2013/14 Crown Royale $75.00
2013/14 Playbook $75.00
2013/14 Rookie Anthology $75.00
2013/14 Select $90.00
2013/14 Titanium $75.00
2013/14 Totally Certified $60.00

2013 America’s Pastime $140.00
2013 Golden Age $54.00
2013 Prizm Perennial Draft Picks $55.00



Collector Eligible Products:

2013 America’s Pastime Baseball
2013 Prizm Perennial Draft Picks Baseball
2014 Golden Age Baseball

2013-14 Crusade Basketball
2013-14 Intrigue Basketball
2013-14 Signatures Basketball
2013-14 Innovation Basketball
2013-14 Select Basketball
2013-14 Spectra Basketball
2013-14 Preferred Basketball

2013 Spectra Football
2013 Black Football
2013 Crown Royale Football
2013 National Treasures Football
2014 Hot Rookies Football

2013-14 Titanium Hockey
2013-14 Rookie Anthology Hockey
2013-14 Totally Certified Hockey
2013-14 Playbook Hockey
2013-14 Crown Royale Hockey
2013-14 Select Hockey

Products and pricing are from a Panini Authorized Distributor. Sports Card Wholesalers can be found here.


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