2018 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Checklist

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2018 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball

  • 1 Card Per Pack
  • 1 Pack Per Box
  • 20 Boxes Per Case

– One Autograph

Release Date: July 25, 2018

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Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball returns and features remarkable cards from today’s game and iconic cards from the past and present both come with autographs and acetate. This will combine clear, acetate card technology with on-card autographs from the hottest rookies and superstar sensations in MLB.

2018 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball will mix the base card design from 2018 Topps Baseball as well as some of the most iconic Topps Baseball cards and designs of all time. Every card comes encased with autographs signed directly on card.

There will be Clearly Authentic reprint autographs, Clearly Authentic 1993 Finest Stars autographs or a Clearly Legendary autograph. Autographs will feature new images on the 2018 Topps design but clearly printed on plastic with seven parallels. These will have Green (#’d/99), Black (#’d/75), Red (#’d/50), Blue (#’d/25), Purple (#’d/10), Orange (#’d/5) and 1/1 Gold. The insert autograph sets will have 1/1 Gold or Sepia parallels.


Clearly Authentic Base Autographs

CAA-AA Aaron Altherr Philadelphia Phillies
CAA-AB Anthony Banda Arizona Diamondbacks
CAA-AH Austin Hays Baltimore Orioles
CAA-AJ Aaron Judge New York Yankees
CAA-AME Austin Meadows Pittsburgh Pirates
CAA-AN Aaron Nola Philadelphia Phillies
CAA-AR Amed Rosario New York Mets
CAA-AV Alex Verdugo Los Angeles Dodgers
CAA-CF Clint Frazier New York Yankees
CAA-CT Chris Taylor Los Angeles Dodgers
CAA-CV Christian Villanueva San Diego Padres
CAA-DF Dustin Fowler Oakland Athletics
CAA-DM Dillon Maples Chicago Cubs
CAA-DS Dominic Smith New York Mets
CAA-FM Francisco Mejia Cleveland Indians
CAA-GA Greg Allen Cleveland Indians
CAA-GT Gleyber Torres New York Yankees
CAA-JA Jose Altuve Houston Astros
CAA-JB Justin Bour Miami Marlins
CAA-JS Jackson Stephens Cincinnati Reds
CAA-JSH Jimmie Sherfy Arizona Diamondbacks
CAA-JV Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds
CAA-KB Kris Bryant Chicago Cubs
CAA-KS Kyle Schwarber Chicago Cubs
CAA-LC Luis Castillo Cincinnati Reds
CAA-MA Miguel Andujar New York Yankees
CAA-MF Max Fried Atlanta Braves
CAA-MG Miguel Gomez San Francisco Giants
CAA-MM Manny Machado Baltimore Orioles
CAA-MO Matt Olson Oakland Athletics
CAA-MT Mike Trout Angels
CAA-NG Niko Goodrum Detroit Tigers
CAA-NSY Noah Syndergaard New York Mets
CAA-OA Ozzie Albies Atlanta Braves
CAA-PB Paul Blackburn Oakland Athletics
CAA-PD Paul DeJong St. Louis Cardinals
CAA-RA Ronald Acuna Atlanta Braves
CAA-RD Rafael Devers Boston Red Sox
CAA-RH Rhys Hoskins Philadelphia Phillies
CAA-RR Raudy Read Washington Nationals
CAA-RU Richard Urena Toronto Blue Jays
CAA-SA Sandy Alcantara Miami Marlins
CAA-SO Shohei Ohtani Angels
CAA-TLO Tim Locastro Los Angeles Dodgers
CAA-TN Tomas Nido New York Mets
CAA-TP Tommy Pham St. Louis Cardinals
CAA-TS Travis Shaw Milwaukee Brewers
CAA-TSC Troy Scribner Angels
CAA-VA Victor Arano Philadelphia Phillies
CAA-VR Victor Robles Washington Nationals
CAA-WB Walker Buehler Los Angeles Dodgers
CAA-WM Whit Merrifield Kansas City Royals

Clearly Authentic MLB Awards Autographs

MLBAA-AR Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs
MLBAA-BB Byron Buxton Minnesota Twins
MLBAA-BD Brian Dozier Minnesota Twins
MLBAA-CBL Charlie Blackmon Colorado Rockies
MLBAA-CK Craig Kimbrel Boston Red Sox
MLBAA-CKL Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians
MLBAA-FL Francisco Lindor Cleveland Indians
MLBAA-GS Gary Sanchez New York Yankees
MLBAA-GSP George Springer Houston Astros
MLBAA-JA Jose Altuve Houston Astros
MLBAA-JR Jose Ramirez Cleveland Indians
MLBAA-PG Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks
MLBAA-PGO Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks

Clearly Authentic Salute Autographs

CASA-BG Ben Gamel Seattle Mariners
CASA-CS Chris Sale Boston Red Sox
CASA-DB Dellin Betances New York Yankees
CASA-DG Didi Gregorius New York Yankees
CASA-DS Domingo Santana Milwaukee Brewers
CASA-ET Eric Thames Milwaukee Brewers
CASA-HR Hunter Renfroe San Diego Padres
CASA-IH Ian Happ Chicago Cubs
CASA-JBE Jose Berrios Minnesota Twins
CASA-JS Jean Segura Seattle Mariners
CASA-KB Keon Broxton Milwaukee Brewers
CASA-KD Khris Davis Oakland Athletics
CASA-PG Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks

Clearly Legendary Autographs

CLA-AK Al Kaline Detroit Tigers
CLA-BJ Bo Jackson Kansas City Royals
CLA-CJ Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves
CLA-CR Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles
CLA-DJ Derek Jeter New York Yankees
CLA-DM Don Mattingly New York Yankees
CLA-DO David Ortiz Boston Red Sox
CLA-FT Frank Thomas Chicago White Sox
CLA-HA Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves
CLA-MM Mark McGwire Oakland Athletics
CLA-NR Nolan Ryan Houston Astros
CLA-OS Ozzie Smith St. Louis Cardinals

Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs

CAR-AK Al Kaline Detroit Tigers
CAR-AKA Al Kaline Detroit Tigers
CAR-BH Bryce Harper Washington Nationals
CAR-BJ Bo Jackson Kansas City Royals
CAR-BL Barry Larkin Cincinnati Reds
CAR-CR Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles
CAR-DG Dwight Gooden New York Mets
CAR-DJ Derek Jeter New York Yankees
CAR-DM Don Mattingly New York Yankees
CAR-DS Darryl Strawberry New York Mets
CAR-FT Frank Thomas Chicago White Sox
CAR-IR Ivan Rodriguez Texas Rangers
CAR-JC Jose Canseco Oakland Athletics
CAR-JCA Jose Canseco Oakland Athletics
CAR-JP Jim Palmer Baltimore Orioles
CAR-LB Lou Brock St. Louis Cardinals
CAR-MTR Mike Trout Angels
CAR-NR Nolan Ryan New York Mets
CAR-OS Ozzie Smith San Diego Padres
CAR-RA Roberto Alomar San Diego Padres
CAR-RH Rickey Henderson Oakland Athletics
CAR-RJ Reggie Jackson New York Yankees
CAR-RY Robin Yount Milwaukee Brewers
CAR-SK Sandy Koufax Brooklyn Dodgers
CAR-WB Wade Boggs Boston Red Sox

Clearly Authentic 1993 Finest Stars Autographs

93FSA-ABR Alex Bregman Houston Astros
93FSA-AJ Aaron Judge New York Yankees
93FSA-AR Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs
93FSA-ARO Amed Rosario New York Mets
93FSA-BH Bryce Harper Washington Nationals
93FSA-BJ Bo Jackson Kansas City Royals
93FSA-CF Clint Frazier New York Yankees
93FSA-CJ Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves
93FSA-CR Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles
93FSA-DJ Derek Jeter New York Yankees
93FSA-DM Don Mattingly New York Yankees
93FSA-FL Francisco Lindor Cleveland Indians
93FSA-FM Francisco Mejia Cleveland Indians
93FSA-FT Frank Thomas Chicago White Sox
93FSA-JC Jose Canseco Oakland Athletics
93FSA-JP Joc Pederson Los Angeles Dodgers
93FSA-JSM John Smoltz Atlanta Braves
93FSA-KB Kris Bryant Chicago Cubs
93FSA-KS Kyle Schwarber Chicago Cubs
93FSA-MM Manny Machado Baltimore Orioles
93FSA-MMC Mark McGwire Oakland Athletics
93FSA-MT Mike Trout Angels
93FSA-NR Nolan Ryan Texas Rangers
93FSA-NS Noah Syndergaard New York Mets
93FSA-OA Ozzie Albies Atlanta Braves
93FSA-RD Rafael Devers Boston Red Sox
93FSA-SG Sonny Gray New York Yankees
93FSA-TG Tom Glavine Atlanta Braves
93FSA-TM Trey Mancini Baltimore Orioles
93FSA-VR Victor Robles Washington Nationals
93FSA-WCO Willson Contreras Chicago Cubs

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