2019 Topps Inception Baseball Checklist

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2019 Topps Inception Baseball

  • 7 Cards Per Pack
  • 1 Pack Per Box
  • 16 Boxes Per Case

-1 Autograph
-2 Parallels

Release Date: March 20, 2019

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Topps returns this season with a better and colorful design and delivers autographs and auto relic cards of the most notable of rookies and new stars.


Every box contains seven cards including one Autograph or one Autograph Patch Card and two Base Parallels. Each box guarantees 4 Inception Autograph Patch Cards, 1 Inception Silver Signings or Gold Signing Autograph Card, and 1 Inception Autograph Jumbo Patch Card.

The 100-card base set features young stars and up-and-coming players in the game. Parallels include Green, Purple (#’d/150), Magenta (#’d/99), Red (#’d/75), Orange (#’d/50), Blue (#’d/25) and Inception 1/1s alongside printing plates 1/1. 

Autographs highlight Rookies and Emerging Stars with Magenta (#’d/99), Red (#’d/75), Orange (#’d/50), Blue (#’d/25) and Inception (1/1).

Inception Silver Signings returns and showcases 2018 Rookies and young stars and be found one per case just like the previous year. This includes Gold parallels (#’d/25) and 1/1 Gold Inscriptions. Collectors can also find Legendary Debut autos with Orange (#’d/10), Blue (#’d/5) and 1/1 Inception versions. Also in play will be Short-print Inception autographs limited to no more than 10 copies and features on-card autos of the best active players in MLB.

Autograph Relic includes Patch Cards which features the hottest young stars and 2018 Rookies. Parallels include Magenta (sequentially numbered), Red (#’d/25), Orange (#’d/10), Blue (#’d/6) and Inception 1/1s using the Majestic jersey logo. There also will be Jumbo Patch Cards and the new Autograph Jumbo Hat Patch Cards.

Other inclusions are Team Logo Patch Book Cards, Letter Book Cards, Laundry Tag, and Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch Book Cards. 


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