2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball Checklist

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2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball

  • 7 Cards Per Pack
  • 36 Packs Per Box
  • 20 Boxes Per Case

-36 Inserts

Release Date: March 13, 2019

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This entry-level baseball card collecting product of Topps focuses more on the fun side of collecting. Returning for its 20th season, 2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball comes with in-game photography of players and mascots. Every pack contains insert card, autographs, and relic cards.

The 200-card base set features a mix of Series 1 and Series 2 players including popular superstars, rookies, and rising young players. Parallels include Opening Day Edition (2,019copies) and 1/1 Opening Day and printing plate parallels.

Inserts include 150 Years of Fun, Sock It To Me! (features players wearing high socks), Rally Time!, Opening Day, Mascots, Team Traditions and Celebrations, Dugout Peeks, and Base Card Variations. 

Other inclusions are autographs and Relics which includes Opening Day Autos, Base Card Variation Autos (New), Mascot Autographs, Opening Day Relics, Mascot Relics and Mascot Autograph Relics, and the new Diamond Relics and Diamond Autograph Relics.


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