2018 Topps Update Baseball Checklist

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2018 Topps Update Baseball

Hobby Configuration:

  • 10 Cards Per Pack
  • 36 Packs Per Box
  • 12 Boxes Per Case

Jumbo Configuration:

  • 50 Cards Per Pack
  • 10 Packs Per Box
  • 6 Boxes Per Case

Box Break:


– One Autograph or Relic Card
– Three Rainbow Foil Parallels


– One Autograph
– Two Relic Cards

Release Date: October 17, 2018

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Arriving with a full-bleed feel, 2018 Topps Update Series Baseball will deliver a number of inclusions with more rookies, traded players and some highlights that collectors expect from this brand.

Hobby boxes will contain either one autographed card or a relic card, while the jumbos will guarantee one autograph and two memorabilia cards.

The base set will consist of a checklist of 300 cards with plenty of parallels including Gold (#’d/2,018), Rainbow Foil (1:10 packs), Vintage stock (#’d/99), Independence Day (#’d/76), Black (#’d/66), Mother’s Day Pink (#’d/50), Father’s Day Powder Blue (#’d/50), Memorial Day (#’d/25), Negative, Platinum (1/1) and printing plates. There will also be rare short prints, super short prints and short print autograph parallels.

Topps Salute returns with a checklist of new cards. This insert sets will have parallel versions including Blue, Black (#’d/299), Gold (#’d/50), Red (#’d/10), 1/1 Platinum parallels, and Autograph Parallel sequentially numbered to 10 or less. And once again, the 1983 Topps style cards will be a featured design showcasing traded players and rookies. Inserts will also include An International Affair featuring past and present stars from outside the U.S., Storybook Endings (final seasons), Don’t Blink featuring fast players and an array 1983 Topps cards.  Each card will have the same rainbow and volume for parallels and an autographed version that will be limited to 10 copies or less.

The manufactured MLB Postseason Logo Patch will highlight some of the notable players and recent playoff stars. This set comes with Gold (#’d/99), Blue (#’d/50), Red (#’d10), Autograph (#’d10) and Platinum (1/1) parallels and an autographed card limited to only 10 copies per player. 1983 autographs will have more versions and this will include Black (#’d/99), Gold (#’d/50), Red (#’d/25) and 1/1 Platinum.

There will also be autograph relics that can be found in Topps Reverence, All-Star Stitches, All-Star Stitches duals and All-Star Auto Jumbo Patch cards. Each card will be limited to only 10 or 25 copies.

All-Star Stitches features relics from top players and this will come in Blue (#’d/50), Gold (#’d/25) and 1/1 Red versions.  Other inclusions will be All-Star Stitches duals and triples (#’d/25).


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