2023-24 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey

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Attention, Card Collectors! Upper Deck’s Series 2 Refresh is 🔥!

Release Date: February 28, 2024

Hobby Box:
12 Cards per Pack
12 Packs per Box
12 Boxes per Case

Blaster Box:
12 Cards per Pack
4 Packs per Box
20 Boxes per Case

12 Cards per Pack
8 Regular Packs + 1 Exclusive Dazzlers Bonus Pack per Tin
12 Tins per Case    

Hello, card enthusiasts! Upper Deck has brought some major changes to elevate your collecting game. Here’s the inside scoop:

  • The Big Change: For the first time in two decades, Upper Deck has revamped the Series configuration. Though the number of packs per box has decreased, don’t stress; the cherished Young Guns® card count remains steady at 6 per box on average.
  • New Card Specs:
    • Now get 3 inserts per pack (Up from the usual 1!)
    • They’ve added 4 fresh base set parallels. Keep an eye out; 3 out of 4 of these are serial-numbered!
    • Still obsessed with Young Guns®? Don’t worry; you’ll still find 6 of these bad boys in every box!
  • All About Series 2:
    • This series boasts cards 251-500 of the 2023-24 Upper Deck base set. Did we mention that the Upper Deck base set is the set to collect in hockey every year?
    • But wait, there’s more! Series 2 is debuting the following sizzling new parallels:
      • Outburst (1 Veteran or Young Gun per box)
      • Deluxe (Limited to 250)
      • Outburst Red (Limited to 25)
      • Outburst Gold (Super exclusive 1-of-1!)
    • Fan faves like Exclusives, High Gloss, and Clear Cut are back, rounding out an impressive lineup that will have you chasing after those elusive 1-of-1 Young Guns® cards.
  • Portraits Like Never Before: The 2023-24 UD Portraits card will leave you speechless! Every portrait is unique, capturing star veterans and rookies in an unprecedented style. And Series 2 finishes the portrait set with the final 30 cards!
  • A Fan Favorite Returns: UD Canvas® is back and better than ever, featuring the best of the best from Young Guns® to present-day hockey stars. Series 2 gives you the next 150 cards of the 2023-24 set. And… rumor has it there are some super rare UD Canvas Signatures cards you’ll want to snag!
  • New Inserts Alert:
    • Director of Boards: Physical players in action.
    • Ecliptic: See top stars and rookies shoot that puck!
    • Instinctive: Every goalie fan’s dream! Top goalies in the middle of a save.
    • PC’s: The best of the best from each team, plus 3 extra superstars.
    • Plus, all the above sets come with Sparkle and rare Gold Sparkle versions.
    • Deep Roots: Celebrating foundational players with rare Purple parallels.
    • Glaring: Get up close and personal with star players’ eyes.
    • Monster Season: A tribute to Connor McDavid’s 2022-23 legendary season!
  • Returning Legends: The Population Count is back and chicer than ever, printed on acetate stock. And if you loved Honor Roll® and Dazzlers, they’re making a comeback with an extra sprinkle of rookies in the mix.
  • Series 2 Exclusives:
    • Fluorescence: Spotlighting top rookies.
    • Highlighters: Commemorating players with standout 2022-23 season highlights.

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