Binky Breaks Drama: Michael Vick Autograph Card Controversy!

by Liz Reagan // in News

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Breaking news, card collectors! It seems we’ve got some trading card turbulence brewing, and this time, it’s involving none other than the ‘WhatNot’ seller, Binky Breaks!

UPDATE: Binky Breaks in Hot Water: Unshipped Cards & an Unreachable Online Presence

A concerned collector recently aired out their grievances on a hot Facebook group dedicated to exposing scammers, and boy, did they have a tale to tell! Our source reveals that after buying into one of Binky Breaks’ breaks, they were awaiting the delivery of a coveted Michael Vick autograph card, along with another mystery card.

More Reading: Binky Breaks is believed to be tied to the larger breaker known as Bleacher Breaks. In July, Bleacher Breaks was accused of shill bidding.

Fast forward over a month (yes, 30 whole days plus change!), and the buyer claims there’s been zilch on the delivery front. And it’s not for lack of trying! Repeated outreach attempts to Binky Breaks went unanswered with minimal response. “Hello? Binky, were you at?”

But here’s where things take a turn for the scandalous: the buyer did some internet sleuthing (as one does) and discovered that the very same Michael Vick card they were supposed to receive had apparently been sold on eBay! 😱 Talk about a plot twist!

eBay Seller: MJCollections7

As if that wasn’t enough, to add insult to injury, it seems Binky Breaks also hit the “block” button on the buyer over on WhatNot. Ouch!

With a combo of ghosting, shill bidding and potential re-selling, this drama raises the question: What’s really going on behind the scenes at Binky Breaks? We’re all eyes and ears, waiting for a response from the sellers.

Stay tuned for updates, card enthusiasts! If you have any hot tips or your own Binky Breaks story, slide into our DMs. This is one story that’s far from over!

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