Binky Breaks in Hot Water: Banned From WhatNot?

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We’re back with more news about Binky Breaks, and unfortunately, it’s not the good kind. Earlier this week, we covered the story of a customer who never received their Michael Vick card from Binky Breaks.

UPDATE 10/15: Binky Breaks appears to be banned from WhatNot permanently.

What’s Going On?

A recent participant in one of Binky Breaks’ sports card group breaks reached out to share a concerning experience. After engaging in a group break on September 15, they noticed something unusual: their cards had not been shipped. When they reached out to inquire about an ETA for the shipment, they were met with the message “unknown user,” instead of the expected reply from Binky Breaks.

The Plot Thickens

Further investigating the situation, the concerned customer found that they couldn’t access Binky Breaks’ store, live shows, or even previous streams. Attempting to do so only led to an error message. In an industry where reputation is everything, vanishing online is like a magician’s trick gone wrong. Your audience isn’t astounded; they’re worried.

A Glimmer of Hope?

After a spell of worrying silence, the customer finally received a message from Binky Breaks via Instagram. The message stated that the company was “gone for a week” and assured that the cards would be shipped out today.

WhatNot will suspend or ban sellers if they violate community guidelines. According to the WhatNot website punishments include:

  • Warning: We’ll send a warning notifying you of the violation; no further corrective action will be taken at this time. 
  • Early Payout Loss: If you’re a seller with early payout, you may lose EP for a period of time.
  • Suspension: You will temporarily lose access to the platform for 48 hrs or 7 days, depending on the violation; this may be coupled with the loss of EP.
  • Ban: For repeated or the most serious offenses, we will permanently ban your account.
  • Increased commission: If you are a seller, you may be subject to an increase in the commission Whatnot takes

According to a LinkedIn profile, the Chief Executive Officer of Binky Breaks is Friedman Dor.

Binky Breaks CEO Friedman Dor

What’s Next?

For now, we can only hope that Binky Breaks rectifies these issues and provides clear communication to their customers. The reputation of one breaker can cast a shadow on the industry at large, so it’s crucial that these issues are resolved promptly.

So, if you’re considering participating in group breaks or making a purchase, proceed with caution. And for those who have had similar experiences, it might be a good time to consider other options in the sports card market.

Stay tuned as we continue to dig into this developing story.

UPDATE 10/15: Binky Breaks appears to be banned from WhatNot permanently.

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Grayson Bryce-Thompson

  • They got me too! Hit a Luka auto redemption and a numbered Kyrie and got nothing! I got a bunch of mavericks base cards. Reached out in WhatNot and never got help, now they are gone! I wanna knock the braces off that punk! If I see him it’s gonna be a problem right away! No words just hands!

  • I joined Binky breaks on 9/8 and hit two cards( Kawhi Leonard Rc auto/ George Pickens Panini One RPA /49) and when I got my mail it was 5 base prizm cards. After I messaged them I was blocked and can no longer reach out or view their info on whatnot. Currently dealing with whatnot and trying to resolve the issue.

    • I’m lilpd10_breaks on ig and princedavidson1 on tiktok. And they never shipped my Flawless Josh Giddey auto auto /10. They committed fraud along with their moderator named Col0rs who sales on the app too

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