2023-24 Upper Deck Sp Game Used Hockey

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Release Date: February 7, 2024

Box Configuration:
6 Cards per Pack
1 Pack per Box
18 Boxes per Case

Hey, hockey enthusiasts! The beloved SP Game Used Hockey is back, and it’s brimming with event and game-used treasures. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • Memorabilia Galore: From the electrifying NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs to the star-studded NHL All-Star weekend, find cards infused with unique materials like banner (yes, including autographed and auto-jersey versions), net cord, and puck material. Oh, and did we mention game-used jersey swatches, patches, and tags?
  • A Stellar Base Set: The 2023 edition showcases a 200-card base set of both legends and star veterans. Each card is tantalizingly numbered to the player’s jersey number. Plus, some lucky numbers (like 97/97) even come with an autograph!
  • Parallels? Yes, Please!: Dive deep into an extensive collection of parallels, from autographed versions to those combining both memorabilia and autographs.
  • Draft Day Marks: Look out for the latest wave of these cards featuring rookies numbered to just 35 per letter! And the cherry on top? Each letter boasts a hard-signed autograph. Collectors, get ready to assemble the full manufactured nameplate for each player!
  • Those Supreme Patches: Everyone’s favorite, the Supreme Patches cards, return with gigantic game-used patches, and they’re numbered to a mere 15! And keep those eyes peeled for the equally elusive Supreme Materials cards.
  • A Nostalgic Touch: Yes, fan-favorites like Inked Sweaters, Authentic Rookies, New Grooves, A Piece of History, and Retro Renovations are back. Each of these dazzling cards with game-used memorabilia and autograph parallels will elevate any collection!
  • Brand-New Surprises for 2023-24:
    • Deep Cuts: A 100-card insert capturing the essence of top rookies, veterans, and all-stars in a distinct design. And for the lucky few? Red, Tier 1 Autograph, and Tier 2 Autograph parallels await.
  • SIGNED: A 30-card set celebrating top veteran skaters. And for those with an eagle eye, a super rare Gold parallel numbered to just 5 beckons!
  • They’re Cones!: Experience the thrill of the 2023 Fastest Skater competition by collecting pieces of event-used cones!
  • Hall of Fame Marks: Honor the legends with this fresh insert featuring 30 Hall of Fame inductees. Each card, numbered to 35 per letter, lets you collect the full manufactured nameplate of these legendary players!

So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newbie, the latest SP Game Used Hockey is packed with surprises that you won’t want to miss!

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